Day 1

We finally set off today as planned, just 30′ later than planned having frantically searched for our spare set of keys, which we had of course carefully packed away in our top box. That last minute packing of the final bits and pieces was a little rushed – our top boxes are not empty to leave space for our helmets when we are stopped as we had planned but full of little things. Must repack soon!!

The weather was kind to us all day (we just had a couple of minutes of rain. We got to the Euro tunnel in plenty of time and joined a group of bikers going to Belgium for the Grand Prix. It felt strange riding into the train. Being able to ride slowly in a straight line a great advantage!

The roads all the way to the outskirts of Antwerp were fine until we hit the rush hour traffic. That was a horrid hour of stop/start – our hands were so sore. So lesson 1 – try to avoid arriving in a big city during rush hour.

We safely and happily arrived at Anthony’s cousin by 7pm where we were spoilt with a delicious dinner and great evening.

Our Heidenau Scout K60 tyres were fine – not noisy at high speed on the motorways as we’d read but definitely a bit wobbly on those noblies.

My Rox pivoting risers (to bring the handlebars closer to me) are absolutely perfect – very very happy with these.

What we will have to perfect is getting off the bikes. We each have one roll bag in front of our top box making getting off a little tricky for these older riders!! Must be hilarious seeing us grabbing our ankle to pull our foot over!!

Photos will follow!!

Off to Padderborn next!

– Anne

About to leave Anthony's sister

About to leave Anthony’s sister

We're ready to go so one last photo 😊

We’re ready to go so one last photo 😊

On the train, ready to go through the Euro Tunnel.

On the train, ready to go through the Euro Tunnel.

Day 1 - taking a break on our way to Anthony's cousin in Belgium

Day 1 – taking a break on our way to Anthony’s cousin in Belgium

4 comments on “Day 1

  1. Good to know this first stage has been completed without incident but what’s this about high speed on the motorways?(!) I thought you were slow Speeds..
    Gute Reise to Paderborn and hugs for Bex and Samuel.
    Lolah xx

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  2. I think we need some photos of you getting on and off your bikes!! I imagine the bikes are really heavy too! Just spoken to Mum and we have booked a long weekend with her in September….looking forward to it. Can’t wait for your next update. Hugs from us both XX

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