We are good to go!!!!

I have just received the all clear from the specialist and we are good to go!!! I am so relieved and grateful and can finally get excited about our trip. We leave tomorrow, 26th June, at 7am!!!

We have a busy afternoon ahead of us now with a number of final things to do, including and without forgetting to return the hire car. Anything we don’t get to do before tonight will simply have to be dealt with on the road now. At least there are no more show stoppers.

Thank you to all our blog followers, family and friends for your support, especially this past month.

Our next post will be sent on the road somewhere 😊

– Anne

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8 comments on “We are good to go!!!!

  1. Sp pleased you’ve got the all clear. We look forward to all the blogs and will be travelling with you! Very exciting……stay safe, healthy and ENJOY!! Hugs from us both XX

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  2. Such reassuring news! And so much to look forward to. Enjoy every moment : there’ll be some great stories to tell when you get back. Bon vent and God bless.
    Lalolah xoxo

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  3. We LOVE you Both and we know that an incredible trip is now at your door! Please take lots of photos from the roads that you are going to drive while all of us will sending to you all our best wishes!

    Je vous aime fort;)

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  4. Good luck and safe travels! Great to meet you and chat Monday night at the hotel. Enjoy your fantastic trip and take care of those lovely bikes. I hope you managed to get the Bluetooth working on your comms?

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