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We are 2 Slow Speeds – Anne and Anthony Speed – from Brisbane, Australia:  there are 2 of us, our surname is Speed and on the only 2 organised travel trips we’ve joined, we have been nicknamed the “Slow Speeds”.  Once when we got left behind, in Antarctica, and then again when we were always last to arrive while crossing Bhutan, as we preferred to stop, take in the scenery and enjoy the local life to speeding ahead.

Welcome to our first ever blog, covering our travels from Europe around the world, via the Silk Route, Asia, onto South America and back to Europe, by motorcycle, 4×4 in Southern Africa and our current northern hemisphere adventure.  We hope you enjoy following us through our blog as much we expect we’ll enjoy our travels and experiences and no doubt challenges!!

How did this all start?

Mid 2013, we decided that we wanted to spend some quality time with our parents and family in Europe. While we had returned to Europe on an almost annual basis since we emigrated to Australia some 25 years ago, each trip brought great highs as we arrived then great lows as we departed, even if we spent a few weeks seeing family. As our parents were ageing and we had retired, this seemed the perfect opportunity to go to Europe for nine months and be able to see them all on a regular basis. During this planning process, we considered buying Royal Enfields in India and riding to Europe from there. The time of year, Indian Carnet and other issues made this a non starter, but the idea of a similar trip remained in the back of our minds as we made our plans to leave our home and head to Europe.

We also started to consider the idea of buying two bikes in Europe to Australian specification and bring them back to Australia. Much research and an understanding of the Australian Design Rules process showed that this was a forlorn hope. The regulations preclude this type of activity, except in the case of higher value bikes such as Harleys and BMW 1200s which are already on the approved list. Neither the BMWs or Triumphs we were interested in are and the cost in time and money to get them approved is prohibitive. A pity the option of bringing bikes back overland is not available. Still, we put a deposit on 2 demonstrator BMW F700GS on 30th January 2014.

Since we could not import the bikes back into Australia, the return to Australia became a RTW trip. The bikes will now be shipped to South America where we will ride up the west coast, through Central America, the USA and Canada then back to the UK in June/July 2015. Since making that decision, we also found out that the bikes could, not only, not remain in Australia, but could not be brought in for even a short period on a Carnet. Carnets do not apply to your country of residence!…

What started as an idea, grew a life of its own and became a fully fledged RTW trip. All we have to do is carry it out over the next 14 months.

Here is our 2 Slow Speeds logo, designed by Anne, on the iPad using ArtStudio:

2 Slow Speeds logo

2 Slow Speeds logo

July 2016 update. We did complete our RTW trip in September 2015 after 52,000kms or 31,000 miles and 34 countries over 14 months. A most incredible experience!!!

We got home in Brisbane 2.5 years after having first left but we could not settle down – the road was calling!! So we are off again. See our posts for information on where and how but in short, we decided to make the best of our circumstance: Anthony is slowly recovering from foot surgery from his accident in Argentina, so we are mixing easy road riding and 4×4 in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia for 4.5 months.

November 2016 update.  What a fabulous trip.  We spent a month riding from the UK to southern Spain via France before flying to Cape Town where we reconnected with old friends and rode Royal Enfields before picking up a 4×4 campervan to explore Botswana and Namibia. We hope you enjoy our trip posts.


Khumaga wildlife camp, Botswana

March 2017 update.  The original idea of spending time at home, redecorating, painting our place, doing something with our little patch of garden quickly turned into planning another trip!!  Another around the world trip, a northern hemisphere summer one where time and weather will dictate our progress and route.  The route broadly is to cross Europe, return to Iran and the Stans to visit friends we made on our last RTW trip, Mongolia, Russia, South Korea, Alaska and Canada.  But when we found a few stumbling blocks with timing, pricing, ramadan dates we switched our route by 180 degrees and are now chasing the sunset.  This trip now starts on 14th April in Montreal.


34 comments on “About us

  1. It has Always been with total admiration that I followed your travels via various channels. You are truly inspirational and it is not for the faint hearted. It will once again be with great interest that your blogs will be read. May you Always have the wind in your back and under your feet .No doubt the experiences will once again enrich your lives. God be with you both on your travels .Lots and lots of love Lech

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Looking forward to coming along for the ride via your blog! You will certainly be visiting some interesting places along the way! Have a fantastic time and a safe journey! xx 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great meeting you the other day at Bex’s on Londoner Strasse. I will be following your blog and trying to get some tips for when we do it (in about 20 years time!!!!). Safe riding!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Anne – I met your mother in Canterbury last week, where she gave a delightful tour of the cathedral. She happened to mention your adventure and we were all very impressed (and terribly envious). I hope you’re having a marvellous time.
    Kath, Melbourne, Australia


  5. Finally,I came to know your blog.
    Mr.Anthony and Ms. Anne,my prayers will be for the two of you as you explore the world with Safe and Guidance of Almighty God.
    Keep up!
    And we are glad to see you again here in Hilton Sharjah, UAE.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I enjoy following your blog. It is amazing how adventures attract such similar people. My wife, Tammy, and I spend months on the road on our R 1200 GS, BMW’s and feel muich of your story is ours as well. Ride safe and warm regards for fellow riders.


  7. I´m so happy to meet you…. what a nice travel Amigos¡ take care and hava a very nice trip…. some day… some day… hahaha


  8. Dear Anne & Anthony,

    It was wonderful meeting you and knowing about this incredible experience. One day, I will fly to Australia and continue our 45′ chat. Have a safe trip home!


  9. Hi guys, importing foreign motor bikes to Australia is possible need to prove you have done owned them for 12 mths or more and they then become personal imports. We have done this 3 times now – no problems. Just a bunch of paperwork and some money


    • Hi Katrina. Just noticed my reply must have gone into thin air. So sorry. Thank you for your message. What model bikes did you import? Our problem is that no one is certified in Australia to go through the Australian Design rules for our model bikes – no one can give them the tick of approval to import. It would cost AUD30-40000 and 9 months training to get certified so not worth it for such small value bikes I expect. Cheers Anne


  10. Hey guys, congrats on your epic trip. I’m here because you my cousin Elisa met up with you again after a chance meeting 30 years ago in Alaska. I live in Victoria, B.C., and would have loved to meet up with you when you were in B.C. Maybe next time! I also have been blogging since I resumed motorcycle riding after a 50-year hiatus. You can find me here: nomadsam46.wordpress.com. Happy trails, and keep the shiny side up!


    • Hi Sam, what a great surprise to get your message, thank you so much! I have read your blog – how smart and brave of you to go on those off-road courses after returning to bike riding after a 50 year gap!! Hope you recovered completely after your falls. The body takes a bit longer to get over such mishaps these days!! It would be fantastic to meet up one day – who knows when though… In the meantime, take care, happy riding and of course, keep the shiny side up :-).


  11. Hello Anne and Anthony. (Melinda from King). I have just gone through all your fabulous photos of your inspirational journey. Steve and I thoroughly enjoyed the pics of Uzbekistan in particular. The mosaics are magnificent! Thank you for sharing your life in pictures and for allowing us as your “followers” to also behold the beauty!


  12. So wonderful to have met you both on the ferry to the Kootenays in BC, Canada, last summer! You two are an inspiration! Enjoy your travels and hopefully we will connect again soon, whether in Auz (Byron Bay & area is our usual destination) or who knows, on a trip with you!
    Cathy & Doug, Kamloops, B.C., Can


    • Great to hear from you! We remember you well!! We loved that you travel with your kids. Please let us know next time you visit Byton Bay area – that’s just down the road from us (just 3 hours drive). We are home for 12 months, receiving visitors for a change which is lovely. Stay in touch and happy travels! Anne & Anthony


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