Final family goodbyes

We’ve now done 509 miles, 814kms since we left Anthony’s sister in Dorset yesterday morning and travelled through the UK, France (for a whole 20′), Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. We visited one of Anthony’s cousins near Antwerp last night and we have just met Anne’s first great-nephews this evening in Padderborn, Germany – he is so cute!!!!! So tomorrow will be our last family goodbye. No more delicious home cooked meals and comfy beds!!

Our Russian visa requires us to get to the Kazakhstan border by the 14th July so we need to get some miles under our tyres. After that, we will be travelling at a much more relaxed pace.

Heading towards the Polish border tomorrow – the route will depend on the weather in the morning.

– Anne

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2 comments on “Final family goodbyes

  1. Wow! Over 800k already. That’s St Q/South of France, isn’t it? I think you mentioned Estonia; Tallinn has been on my list for some time too. Look forward to reading all about it and seeing your photos.
    Lolah as always xx

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