First stop

Oooo that hot, steamy, salty air that hits us as we get off the plane feels good. It feels and smells like holidays. We are quickly greeted by hotel staff at the airport and taken to our transfer vehicle:

We’re here!!

Yes, we’re in the Maldives!

This is an exciting way to get to your hotel:

Leaving Malé airport for our hotel

Not a bad first glimpse of our island

Flying back to Brisbane from Europe with the inevitable jetlag from the 10 hour difference has steadily got harder for us to recover from over the years so we decided to include a stopover longer than the overnighter we’ve done on occasions.

Not only was the flash speedboat, rather than a ‘rustic’ old boat which I expected, a lovely surprise, the garden bungalow I booked was upgraded to this:

Not sure why we got this incredible upgrade, but we are extremely grateful – thank you Kurumba Resort.

Our own numbered recliners

The beach and garden

Kurumba Resort website photo

Perfect spot to read a book

Lovely spot for a couple of days!!

Enjoying this rest

Our pool at night

So here we are in the Maldives with the only decisions we have to make being whether to eat, swim, swim in the pool or the sea, read or sleep, swim with the reef shark or get out of the water. The 1 metre long shark appearing in 50cm deep water just in front of us was all my fault: Anthony did tell me I should not have hummed the Jaws movie song!! He was right!

This place is truly amazing: the food is superb and we have only eaten at the cafe so far, not at any of the 7 restaurants. And although the resort is currently 95% occupied, we hardly ever see anyone. This is a once in a lifetime experience for us and we are loving it. It will be back to canned tuna and crackers or baked beans on toast when we get home and that’s fine.

Goodnight from the Maldives

So over and out until … the next stop over. This should be easier for you to guess where that will be!

– Anne

24 comments on “First stop

  1. You two so deserve this rest on your idyllic island!! Only seasoned travellers like you would have the foresight to break your journey home and, going by Anne’s squeal of delight on the video, your choice of location (and upgrade) was the right decision :)) You will have stayed true to your motto of Loving life – turning dreams into memories! Will your next blog tell us how many countries you visited altogether?? Have a wonderful time simply relaxing xxx


  2. Oh how simply fabulous! A well deserved break . That suite is to ” die for”. Would definitely take you to book an hotel -you have the midas touch😉 Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!😘😘😍😍😍


  3. Happiness is sitting in the armchair reading your blogs.
    Didn’t you have a beachside massage as well ? providing you like that sort of thing, they are fabulous. They also do scuba diving or snorkel tours so you can find yourself surrounded by turtles (or indeed shark !) while swimming around living coral. The upgrades were probably due to Anne looking so old !!
    Relax and keep safe.


  4. Truly the sort of stuff dreams are made of as I munch my bread and marmalade breakfast and look up to see how the cold October sky here compares. It doesn’t! Never before have I seen an hotel suite with its very own swimmingpool. And an indoor one to boot! Bravo tiots!
    As for guessing where next stop-over might be, my choice would be Singapore, but could it be HK – or even Darwin to see “family”? xx


  5. J’avais dit à Bob: ils vont s’arrêter aux Maldives… et j’avais raison…!! Et que c’est beau .. les orteils en éventail… bon séjour, profitez bien xx


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