Wrapping up and starting to head home

Over a week has passed since engines off, no more morning helmet visor cleaning for Anne, it all seems a little surreal. I have adapted to driving a wider vehicle although I still cannot understand why cars continue to drive on my side of the road flashing their lights as they head straight towards me, puzzling.

How are we adjusting some people have asked: not too badly, we both still miss being on Streak and Storm from time to time, but that journey was not open ended and is finished. We move on, what to, I am not sure, we will need a little time to get home and think about the future – home still needs painting, our seven month absence will not have fixed that. We have decided that we will just pick a ‘white’ paint from the forty or so shades on offer, then comes the problem of which brush to choose.

As Anne mentioned in her last blog entry, this will be our last long haul motorcycle trip. While we achieved our objective of circumnavigating the globe for a second time, we now want to explore at a slower pace with focus on a particular region or culture. While it is a departure from our previous two adventures, we both came to a realisation that while we were forced to move on due to time or visa constraint, we would in future like to travel at a more leisurely pace and explore those small villages, open spaces and intriguing laneways that were always beckoning us as we rode by. Quite what and where is still to be debated, along with mode of transport, no more flying for Steak and Storm: you may not realise it, but they have been on 8 separate flights. Streak and Storm will be Europe based in future, which is still a huge and largely unexplored region for us. We still may decide to part with them but that is a decision for the future.

We have spent the time since our return catching up with some family and friends in a little bit of a whirlwind over the past 10 days, there is just not enough time to see everyone and we hope those we missed will understand and we will try and meet next time. Sorry. We were glad to see everyone was well and enjoying life and most passed the 2slowspeeds blog Q&A session. Yes we do really monitor who is reading the blog, just kidding, although if you want to appear knowledgeable, do not, as one nameless person we spoke to a couple of months back when we are in Azerbaijan, say ‘I thought you were back in Australia’, it gives the game away.

Our journey home will take 9 days: we decided to take the opportunity to break what we are finding more and more is a tiring journey for us both that leaves us jet lagged for up to a week once home. We, well I thought that it would be fun to keep our destinations a surprise for our followers, and family for that matter. Anne thought it a little strange, but went along with it to humour me, my thought was a extra for our followers, although it does not involve motorcycles or 4×4’s. It also takes us to a couple of destinations we have not visited before. We only have a couple of days in each place, but it will give us a sampler of the chosen locations.

Our flight leaves Heathrow and in less than half a day we have this view as we descend to land.

Like all good serials, we leave our viewers wondering what comes next.

– Anthony

18 comments on “Wrapping up and starting to head home

  1. Enjoy the journey home, will look forward to the next post.
    We totally understand how you are feeling. We too think we will look more closely at Europe in shorter trips, sometime but who knows when at this stage. Feeling the need to get on a bike as we have now been home a week, just as well we have 2 more bikes each at home!
    Be good to meet sometime so let’s keep in touch 🙂


    • Glad to hear you are safely back after your RTW trip, we never quite caught you up although we got closer a couple of times. It will be interesting to compare notes in a couple of months to see how we are all progressing, so we will keep in touch.


  2. Your destination is intriguing…we will await the next blog! Always good to get home after a trip but I think in your case you will soon get itchy feet again maybe after that dreaded painting is finished?!! Definitely a good plan to explore an area in more depth. Richard and I enjoyed exploring the area round Perpignan this summer. We hadn’t been there before and enjoyed moving on every day and exploring, albeit just for a couple of weeks !!
    Look forward to the next update.
    Love to you both 😘😘


    • Intriguing it is, I assume you are using Google earth to find our location, don’t worry all will be revealed in about 24 hours. Will be nice to hear more of regions such as Perpignan so next time we meet be prepared for questions.


  3. Hooray ! At least I don’t have to put the armchair into mothballs yet. I think more detailed visits is a great idea, remember also that some of us are still able to ride along with you both. Europe has so many good (cheap) hotels or there are always Youth Hostels (I’ve already checked, they’ll still let Anne in !). looking forward to the mystery tour, if you need suggestions feel free to put it in a blog.
    Keep safe.


  4. Well done Speedys! It has always been interesting to dip into your world from time to time. Congratulations, and we look forward to catching up again when you return to the Antipodes. Love from Wiz and Jane


  5. A great way to return home – in hops. Keeps it interesting until the last second. Yay we still get to read blogs ! Happy landings and until we see you again. Happy painting 😉


  6. Your guardian angels have done an excellent job and must be looking forward to a well-deserved rest when the plane lands. For a retired (?!) couple, “you done good” – as I believe one says in Strine -? xx


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