We did it!!!

Yes, we did it and it feels great!! Our 2nd round the world trip on the same motorcycles, Streak and Storm, in 6 months this time, from east to west, is now complete: 30,300kms or 19,000 miles plus 2 flights, 5 ferry rides and 2 truck rides, 22 countries visited on this trip, 11 new countries, making it 95 countries in total for us over the years. And we celebrated a couple of milestones on the road: 43 years since we met and my 60th birthday.

We did it!!!

Why did we do this trip again?! Well, it was a choice between painting the house or going on another bike trip. There was no hesitation on our part. After Anthony drew up 3 routes of varying length and duration, we both picked the same one: the longest one, another round the world. There were friends in a number of countries we made on our last round the world trip who we dearly wanted to see again. It was also the most challenging route, for the timeframe – can we go around the world during a northern hemisphere summer? and for the terrain – crossing Mongolia with its renowned stunning scenery but difficult roads. Why so fast? We didn’t want to be away another 15 months – 6 months seemed to be about right and we saw it like an endurance challenge, a marathon, or ultra-marathon if you will, one that would challenge us both physically and mentally. Well, the timeframe challenge ended up forcing two major route changes along the way. Right at the start of the trip, we had to abandon our plan to ride to Alaska due to a long late winter. We spent a couple of months basically seeking less freezing weather and heading further and further south in the US. Then we gave up the indefinite wait in Kazakhstan to hear whether Turkmenistan would grant us a transit visa which meant we could not return to Iran to visit the many friends we made last time. That was gutting. And the terrain proved to be more challenging, hence one pickup ride in Mongolia, and the timeframe too, due to visa constraints, hence the 2nd pickup ride. Yes, the ride was at times physically and mentally tough but also so much fun and so rewarding!!! Renewing friendships and making new ones a huge part of that enjoyment. So we made it around the world from east to west in 6 months as we had hoped!!! And safely!! And we feel good.

Both bikes performed fantastically well overall: Streak’s four problems got fixed in Tajikistan and is still running with a secret ‘Tajik fix’ and both Streak and Storm got a new battery in Turkey. Heidenau Scout K60 tyres were fitted in Vancouver and lasted 20,000 kms.

As for us, we have enjoyed the whole journey, loved the people we met and new friendships made, saw some fantastic places, experienced so many unforgettable moments, discovered places we’d love to return to, supported each other during the tougher parts, learned more about ourselves, and best of all, can confirm once again that based on our experience, the world over, the vast majority of people are good, kind, generous and helpful.

As we close this chapter, we know how we would like to travel next!!! While we had a fantastic trip, we were so often sorry to have to move on. Too often, we ran out of time to spend a couple of more days somewhere to catch up with friends on the road – that was disappointing. 6 months was too short really. But at least we know where we’d love to return to such as the Caucasus. And while we saw stunning scenery and many fabulous ancient sites, as always, it is the time we spent with people that stays with us. We would love to spend longer in one place, wandering the smaller lanes and smaller villages with lesser known sights, at a much slower pace and at a time of the year that isn’t either too boiling hot or freezing to camp – I may have to work on Anthony for the camping part though!! Our pace will change radically. But for now, Streeak and Storm return to their storage place in southern UK.

Feeling good – we have just completed our 2nd Round trip on motorcycles!

Thank you to our numerous Gardian Angels and to all our followers for your comments and private messages and encouragement, it always meant so much to us, our connection back to home, family and friends. It is time we did that painting at home now!

– Anne

36 comments on “We did it!!!

  1. Yet again , another amazing blog. We feel as though we’ve travelled with you and enjoyed the ride from the safety of our armchairs but seen through your eyes. Fabulous. Thank you both so much for sharing it all with us….what will WE do now?! You maybe returning to the painting but am sure you will soon be travelling again or what about the book?! Much love to you both XX


  2. Congratulations, Anne and Anthony!! I’m not sure exactly what date you completed the trip, but the Feast of the Guardian Angels was just two days ago (2nd October)! Good timing! Lots of love, Matthew xx


  3. Congratulations!!! Always a good feeling to achieve the goal but at the same time it’s sad it ends. We are in LA, have had a fabulous ride in the States on our long route home, just love riding here. Sorting the bikes today and dropping them off to be shipped home, then fly home in the next few days. Shame we didn’t get to meet, a raincheck for another time.
    Janet and Charlie


  4. Sad ! So love being in touch with you and reading about the fabulous places you have visited and the photos ! Well may your return home be a safe one and after a week or so of relaxing Anthony will be weilding the paintbrush and weedeater . ;))) Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxx


  5. It might be a great feeling for you to finish but for me I see a redundant armchair, quiet evenings and nothing to read. How could you both be so selfish… there’s no other solution, you’ll have to go on more trips. How about a month touring a region to study it in depth. Six months is so short. I had barely got comfortable thinking myself along with you (both ?). I’ll miss you (both ?). I can’t wait to meet up with you (both ?) again.
    Well done anyway and keep safe. A bientot.


  6. Heartiest congrats to you both and heartfelt thanks to your guardian angels. What is it you say in Strine? You’ve done good? Roll on Friday! xx


  7. Great work to both of you ! To do RTW x 2 is absolutely incredible……where do you start to retell all the stories here. Bloggers everywhere will going into depression !
    It will be great to catch up to you both in the streets of docile Manly again !


  8. Remarkable and such an achievement. Congratulations to you both. Many thanks for your fabulous blog as there is so much to see and learn from your experiences. Looking forward to a catch up soon. Love from all xx


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