9 comments on “Across the Alay Mountains, Tajikistan

  1. Thanks for the video. Nice road, not too badly potholed giving you a chance to look at the scenery. I can see you still have to be wary, double lining on a blind bend, whatever next !!
    Think I’m better off staying in my armchair.
    Keep safe and throttle on.


    • We avoid showing too many potholes so we can maintain our ‘G’ rating. Always fun to find them on the corners with no roadside barriers in the mountains. Overtaking on blind corners is the norm there, keeps one alert while riding.


  2. Cooler mountain air must have been a welcome change after the recent stifling heat (but I felt sorry for the driver of the truck with its bonnet up) xx


  3. I felt anxious watching the video but with the ‘master’ riders I should have sat, relaxed & watched for the viewing. Take care & continue on your exciting explorations. NOLA x


  4. I had my heart in my mouth as you were passing that truck and the other cars…….Think I’d need a guard rail. Very rugged terrain. Nothing much happening here. All well. Mum’s brother is gravely ill so that’s hard for her. Katie will be down to visit beginning of Sept so that’s something to look forward to. Stay safe. Love to you both. x x x


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