Blog site update

We hope that you were not bombarded with emails today as Anne has made a couple of changes to our WordPress site. We have noticed that some people may be missing the embedded videos in some of the posts. All posts which either have embedded or stand alone videos have been tagged ‘video’ to allow those who have missed them to go back and see them.

You will see the right hand side of the site has 2 new drop down menus.

The Categories drop down menu also has “video” as an option.

The Post Archives allows you to browse the posts archived by month – there are already six months of archives!

We are also looking at how we might archive the photo gallery as this has not been updated for a while as some people had commented on the slow load times as this element grew. Note that the photos can be found in the individual posts.

We will be out of contact in Myanmar from the day after tomorrow until mid November so lookout for new updates at that time.

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