Delhi customs day 3 of 4 – confidence is high!!

Another day of much, much waiting and lots and lots more paperwork and money exchange but confidence is high that tomorrow will be “Delhi customs day 4 of 4”!!! We should get customs clearance by noon then we’ll have to rebuild the bikes. And we should be able to head out of Delhi the day after tomorrow. Singing “Happy” several times throughtout the day was fun and most helpful in keeping our sanity and good humour.

Sorry, but no post on Agra yet as we are pretty drained for some reason… 🙂

– Anne

13 comments on “Delhi customs day 3 of 4 – confidence is high!!

  1. Patience is a virtue ( so they say!!) and you seem to have plenty!! Fingers crossed for tomorrow. Where are you going to head to? Out of Delhi asap!!!! Good luck. XX


  2. You are spot on Celia – out of here!!! Maybe Jaipur first then a slow ride to the Myanmar border about 2000kms from here, where we meet up with a group. Looking forward to discovering more of the real India. Xxx


  3. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to visit a pharmacy and get some gastric antibiotics before you leave the city. You don’t need a prescription, they are cheap, effective and almost certainly will be required at some point!


  4. Many would be drained for far, far less. You now deserve a leisurely drive to recover from some pretty testing situations that you have passed with flying colours. Bravo, tiots! And take care, as always. And enjoy. xx


    • Thank you. If we didn’t take this all lightly, we’d go mad. And apart from the annoying fact that this is costing money taking so long, it is part of the overall experience which we’ll enjoy more once it’s over!!! Take care too!! Xxx


  5. GO FOR IT! bravo de tenir le coup malgre la bureaucratie (manque de,,,) et super bon voyage en Inde que vous allez adorer, j’en suis sure xxx


  6. So pleased all is at last moving forward.I am not surprised you are feeling drained- trying to remain sane in those circumstances draws on your resources, but how wonderful to be moving on .Looking forward to the next episode , when you are rested and eady ! Keep singing !!xxxxx


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