Delhi customs day 2 of …?

I have had so many title ideas for this post, this is the kindest as I had first thought of:

Delhi – get me out of here!!!!!!!
Nothing endearing about India (Anthony reminded me ‘… so far’, which he is right about, I hope…)

This is how we felt after a fruitless day of customs, corruption and blackmail:

How we felt after a day of Indian corruption

How we felt after a day of Indian corruption

And “Happy” by Pharrell Williams is the song I suggested we should sing tomorrow as we embark on day 3 of Delhi customs clearance, wait some more and no doubt pay some more …

Because I am, we all are determined to stay positive in spite of the system here and despite how we feel about it 🙂

Oh, and yes, Agra and Sikri were fantastic – post with photos will follow soon.

– Anne

4 comments on “Delhi customs day 2 of …?

  1. Loved the youtube “Happy” and especially the dancers. Very different from what I usually listen to and just thet clip to help you cope with your Delhi experiences. Great idea to fill in time with a trip to Agra which I’m sure came up to expectations. Look forward to seeing the photos. Safe journey for the next lap. xx


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