Delhi customs day 4 of 4

Yes, we made it!! Just. The crates were brought out to us at 17.30 and we rode out of the airport customs area at 20.15. Putting the necessary bits together in total darkness, with dozens of Indians just watching us, was interesting. Tomorrow, we have to re-install my Rox risers, our screens and handlebar guards. So one more day here before we leave Delhi. Then we can leave fresh and ready for a new adventure.

We only wish the taxi driver we hired today truly understood what we told him: his service was fantastic and our only positive experience in over a week. And he was the only reliable person we’ve come across for the past 4 days. We got into his cab at the closed petrol station behind the customs warehouse. He dropped us off at the airport so that we could get more Rupees to pay for the absolutely exhorbitant warehouse fees. One call to him when we were ready, (one “missed call” as they call it, ie we call and hang up before he responds = time for him to pick us up again) and a couple of minutes later, he was there.

We also wish the customs guy who did most of the running around getting various photocopies of the same document, and re-writing the same information, time and time again, knew that we felt so sorry for him and were grateful for his assistance. It was not his fault the system is so broken and ridiculous.

So the 3 of us are going back tomorrow morning to thank him.

It will be 11 days since we arrived in Delhi before we leave so we think we will simply make a slow way across to the Myanmar border now.

We will be documenting some of what we have gone through for various travellers and biking forums and making some recommendations, but otherwise, none of you need to be subjected to what we have been through as we are wish to remain as positive as possible, so…

End of Delhi Customs saga.

But not before I mention that Anthony had to make a trip to the Customs sick bay having bashed his head on an overhang in a stairwell and cut his head open. No stitches required thank goodness but a tetanus jab.

The most positive part of this whole experience has been meeting our fellow traveller Kristjan. Of a similar age and professional background to us, we have been able to open up to each other in a way that normally takes months or years to develop in a conventional situation. As we have found before, when you travel with others, and experience various situations (whether difficult or not but often intense), your emotions are raw and true. Something Anthony and I both treasure. But it is not that often you meet someone you feel on the same wavelength on so many levels.

Post and hopefully photos of Agra next!!!!! And some photos of this afternoon/evening when can – our internet won’t allow us to upload photos here…

– Anne

12 comments on “Delhi customs day 4 of 4

  1. How that head bash must have hurt – it’s surprising you were not KO, Anthony. I can sympathise all the more for having banged my head more times than I can remember on the door of a hanging cupboard that I have.stupidly left open, turned towards the sink then back again. And wham! I don’t often swear, but …
    Do hope you have had a good night’s sleep and woken up with a clear head, ready to enjoy – at last – some of the beauties of India.
    Safe journey to Myanmar for both of you. xx


    • Ouch, those knocks really hurt!! Yes, good night’s sleep. We decided to take the luxury of another day here to calmly reassemble the last bits before heading off tomorrow and taking a really leisurely ride towards the Myanmar border. Lolah xxx


  2. Yippee! So happy that the saga has ended and hope Anthony’s wound heals quickly. I concur that under trying circumstances we can connect with people in a real way. Lovely that you have this with Kristjan. Hope the reassembly goes smoothly and you can continue your bike adventure xx


  3. Pleased to hear that your customs ‘adventure’ is over and the next stage can begin. Glad Anthony’s head bump was nothing too serious, bet you could have done without it though. Where is Kritjan travelling to? No doubt he is glad of some company. I would imagine if you were a solo traveller some of the set backs would get you down. Much better to laugh with others and lighten the stress.
    Looking forward to your next installment.
    We set off for Oz on Thursday 16th…looking forward to experiencing an Aussie spring. Safe travels XX


  4. Here’s to a quick recovery ,Anthony and up,up,and away onto your next adventure!!Waiting with bated breath.You have done remarkedly well considering the adversity,but despite all that you managed to fall on a couple of people who restored your faith!Wonderful !! Enjoy your slow ride and new companion ! xxxxxx


  5. Hope your experience of India will improve! It is a very frustrating country to travel in but fascinating all the same! Also hope that Anthony is feeling better after bashing his head! Not nice! A tetanus jab an essential! Safe journey on the road! Lots of love xxxx:-)


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