3 months on the road!

We have been on the road 3 months today!!! And been away from home 12 months! So much has happened in that time…

Loved ones have been sick and/or passed away, new generations have been born… It is not always easy being so far away…

When we set off on our shiny Streak and Storm, we felt like frauds – adventurer motorcyclists on a round the world trip? Really?! We have now travelled 13000kms, only had one puncture and feel alive every time we ride off into the unknown. We have met many wonderful people, made many new friends, and been shown the most incredibly generous hospitality.

Someone we met the other night asked about our road trip: ‘What was the toughest road.’ ‘What was the hardest day’. ‘What problems did you have on the way’. Poor guy I thought. That must be how he sees the world.

For those of you who’d like to know our answers: the road from Baikonur to Kyzylorda, the road from Baikonur to Kyzylorda, none.

Our bikes, bodies and minds have all performed brilliantly. I have been grateful we both react the same way in the face of tricky or painful situations (these have mostly related to border crossings, police checks, customs): calmly and positively. Anthony is brilliant in those situations and I enjoy taking a back seat so to speak and letting the situation unfold while Anthony uses his humor and diplomacy. Sometimes of course, we simply both just have to wait patiently until ‘it is time’. And while we wait, we invariably meet new people and sometimes make new friends in the process.

Our time in Sharjah has been very fruitful and, yes, utterly, ridiculously luxurious!! We have ticked most of the items off our rest and relaxation list – we are just waiting on Anthony’s passport to be returned from the Indian embassy… I got mine 3 days ago, with a single entry visa only (which takes care of our thought of nipping into Nepal) but there is no sign of Anthony’s… We have to wait for that before we can book our flights to India.

We are about to enter a totally different phase. While we enjoyed the open spaces, mountains & deserts and many heritage listed historical sites devoid of tourists these last 3 months, the next 3 will be crowded! Slow and crowded. And most likely wet. And we’ll only cover half the distance of the last 3 months.

Are we still enjoying ourselves? Oh yes, most definitely.

– Anne



12 comments on “3 months on the road!

  1. Gosh, three months gone already and what a tale to tell. Maybe you will need to write more than one book!!! Wonderful writing and photos. How lucky you were to find each other….like minded spirits and seem to complement each other perfectly.
    Enjoy the next phase. India is going to be very interesting and colourful.
    Looking forward to Part 2. Hugs from us both XX


    • Having faithful followers such as you has definitely been an incentive to keep writing and documenting our experiences and feelings – would have been easy to slacken off otherwise and we’d have little content as we would have forgotten so much. Hugs to you both too xx


  2. on ne se rend pas compte de la distance entre vous et nous car vous etes toujours dans nos coeurs par les pensees et les prieres : )


  3. Well time has flown . Life is miraculous and blessed in so many ways. Your lives are like a richly woven carpet and we are the passengers on the magic carpet ride.How Lucky are we to be part of your experiences and adventures.I agree a book or two would be in order. You certainly enrich our lives and bring a smile to our faces. Love is …….finding your soul mate. Looking forward to the next part of your journey and of course the rich tapestry of photos. Lots of love and a big hug !xxxxx


  4. You two are the real deal and more than adventurer motorcyclists on a round the world trip. You are amazing teachers for all of us on this journey called life. Everyone before me has posted all things I would want to say about you personally, so I just want to say thanks for sharing more than just the ride. Love you both! xxx


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