3 months on the road!

We have been on the road 3 months today!!! And been away from home 12 months! So much has happened in that time…

Loved ones have been sick and/or passed away, new generations have been born… It is not always easy being so far away…

When we set off on our shiny Streak and Storm, we felt like frauds – adventurer motorcyclists on a round the world trip? Really?! We have now travelled 13000kms, only had one puncture and feel alive every time we ride off into the unknown. We have met many wonderful people, made many new friends, and been shown the most incredibly generous hospitality.

Someone we met the other night asked about our road trip: ‘What was the toughest road.’ ‘What was the hardest day’. ‘What problems did you have on the way’. Poor guy I thought. That must be how he sees the world.

For those of you who’d like to know our answers: the road from Baikonur to Kyzylorda, the road from Baikonur to Kyzylorda, none.

Our bikes, bodies and minds have all performed brilliantly. I have been grateful we both react the same way in the face of tricky or painful situations (these have mostly related to border crossings, police checks, customs): calmly and positively. Anthony is brilliant in those situations and I enjoy taking a back seat so to speak and letting the situation unfold while Anthony uses his humor and diplomacy. Sometimes of course, we simply both just have to wait patiently until ‘it is time’. And while we wait, we invariably meet new people and sometimes make new friends in the process.

Our time in Sharjah has been very fruitful and, yes, utterly, ridiculously luxurious!! We have ticked most of the items off our rest and relaxation list – we are just waiting on Anthony’s passport to be returned from the Indian embassy… I got mine 3 days ago, with a single entry visa only (which takes care of our thought of nipping into Nepal) but there is no sign of Anthony’s… We have to wait for that before we can book our flights to India.

We are about to enter a totally different phase. While we enjoyed the open spaces, mountains & deserts and many heritage listed historical sites devoid of tourists these last 3 months, the next 3 will be crowded! Slow and crowded. And most likely wet. And we’ll only cover half the distance of the last 3 months.

Are we still enjoying ourselves? Oh yes, most definitely.

– Anne



Sharjah rest and relaxation

Having spent 8 solid hours in Banda Abbas, southern Iran, getting the necessary paperwork to ship our bikes (which will make a separate post) and ourselves to Sharjah, UAE, then travelled 12 hours overnight on the same ferry as our bikes, then spent 5 hours at Sharjah port clearing our bikes, we arrived at our hotel looking like 2 drowned rats, dripping with sweat, filthy and no doubt not smelling too fresh! When we explained why we looked that way, the lady checking us in was so excited, she immediately called the front desk manager and the hotel general manager to meet us and must have sent a broadcast to all the hotel staff about our journey as we kept being introduced to various managers throughout the day. They also upgraded us to a … wait for it …117 square metre apartment for the duration of our stay, 10 days! Why? She said it was because we inspired her and she felt energised by our attitude – which was so different to how we looked. Wow!!! Thank you Anastasia and thank you angels, once again…

Anthony looking like a drowned rat

Anthony looking like a drowned rat

Anne looking like a drowned rat

Anne looking like a drowned rat

The lounge and dining room of our 117 sqm apartment - thank you Anastasia

The lounge and dining room of our 117 sqm apartment – thank you Anastasia












Here is what we have planned for our 10 days’ R&R:

First, shower, sleep, relax, catch up on mail and unpack
Friday (week end here) rest!!
Print completed Indian visa application forms
Get new 2″ x 2″ photos for Indian Visa
Submit Indian visas
Get new plastic folders
Pay CT (business) website
Pay Beanie (our car) insurance
Hand wash jackets – twice
Take trousers to laundry
Upload photos to WordPress and caption
Upload photos into blog posts
Compile videos
Upload videos
Write Banda Abbas post
Write Iran and UAE shipping & customs posts
Order new rear tyres
Organise bike maintenance and tyre swap
Get quotes for shipping the bikes
Find crate or crate builder for shipping the bikes
Find shipper
Book shipment of bikes
Book flights for ourselves
Book Mumbai hotel
Locate place to service the bikes (check wheel bearings) & book
Find place to clean the bikes
Clean the air filters and bikes
Replace Storm head lamp
Replace Shoei visor
Buy extra spare headlamps
Buy new scottoiler oil
Check out Dubai Bikers’ Cafe
Collect International Drivers’ Licences
Collect new helmet bluetooth systems
Order AO sleep tablets
Find new trousers for AJ (lost 8 kgs)
Find new bra for AO (lost 8 kgs)
Get cash for Burma trip
Dentist x-ray for AJ
Replenish toiletries
Buy wet wipes
Buy new medical kit
Make more colour copies of bikes’ V5 documents
Mail documents, maps, clothing
Ship rugs & books
Get extra flash card for AO camera at airport
Have a swim at the hotel pool most days!!!

We expect the list to keep us pretty busy over the coming week! And growing no doubt too…

Photos have been uploaded for the “Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva” and “Leaving Khiva for Turkmenistan” posts. More coming soon!!

– Anne