Photos of Yazd to Banda Abbas

We have been busy getting all our photos and videos of our time in Iran finally up!! Hope you enjoy them 🙂

We certainly had a fabulous time in Iran, thanks to all our friends there, old and new. One final post on Banda Abbas to come soon, courtesy of Anthony.



More photos uploaded to an old post:

Yazd – photos and video

New posts with photos and videos:

Onwards to Kerman or wherever

Bandar Abbas

4 comments on “Photos of Yazd to Banda Abbas

  1. Really enjoying all the photos which beautifully illustrate your blog. Good to hear that you have been so lucky in the people you have met. It made me wonder if I met tourists from afar in Dumfries who needed help to find somewhere or sort something out what would I do? Of course, I would direct them but would I go that extra mile and invite strangers to my home or take them out in my car to show them the area? Probably not because we are suspicious of everyone and yet the people you have met have seemed so friendly and gone out of their way to help you. Hard to believe that there is so much unrest in these countries but heartwarming to know that the majority of people are kind and friendly and seem so happy and willing to help you.
    When do you plan to leave Dubai? We pass through Abu Dhabi on 16th October en route to OZ. I think we will miss you by a couple of weeks ?
    Looking forward to reading the next installment! Love to both XX


    • Hopefully we’ll all react differently towards tourists and strangers… No idea when we leave Dubai as my passport was returned with an Indian visa (albeit with a single entry instead of the requested multiple entry) 2 days ago, but we are still waiting for Anthony’s. So we cannot book any flights out yet!! :-). Xx


  2. So it’ revoir to Iran for the time being. How different are your tales from those we read about a few years ago in the press. What a grim reminder of the turmoil of those days are the Shah’s boots. Loved the photos of Yazd and life/monuments from another era. Enjoy the comforts of Sharjah before your next trek. xx


    • We kept being reminded of ancient and more recent turmoil, but like everywhere, people simply want to get on with their lives as simply and happily as possible. Great memories of our time in Iran indeed. Amazing how we’ve managed to spread out over the whole apartment as we clean, wash, dry and repack!! Xxx


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