We left Padderborn and Anne’s niece (in-law?) and first great-nephew late this morning. How special to have met little Samuel before heading off on our travels!

Riding on German autobahns isn’t the most pleasant but we have to make sure we keep to our Russian deadline so no time to take country roads at this stage. We kept out of the fast lane as much as possible as cars come up to you from nowhere so fast! Luckily we’re used to driving in Germany or it could be quite spooky.

We got to the southern outskirts of Berlin by 5.30pm and found ourselves a great hotel next to an Aldi. It’s very strange to be in Berlin and not see our dear friends as they are currently away in Siberia – we met Antonia in February 1983 in Rwanda and although we don’t often see each other, we have remained very close. This is one of the greatest experiences about travel – the people you meet and connections you make.

We have to go shopping for gloves tomorrow!! Anne’s summer gloves suddenly gave up the ghost – they are 5 years old and it never occurred to me to make sure they would last a year on the road…

Attached is a photo of Anne getting on her bike 😃. We are sure it will get easier over time!!

– Anne

Hole in Anne's old favourite glove

Hole in Anne’s old favourite glove

Up and over - not very elegantly!!

Up and over – not very elegantly!!

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8 comments on “Berlin

  1. Hmmm – we can see it is not easy to vault onto that bike. We leave for Berlin on Monday morning early – such a pity we don’t coincide with you two. love Mike and Jill

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  2. Oh dear the hole in the glove has become bigger !:( Love the way you mount the bike !!! The pole to use to pole vault !!xx Keep going you are doing well!! so far we are being spoilt with your communication :))))

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  3. Quand vous revenez l’an prochain Samuel va vouloir ou s’assoir sur ta moto ou grimper dans le panier ; ) Super d’avoir de vos nouvelles xxx

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  4. Shame Antonia is away. Hope you found suitable gloves. Good to see you can have both feet on the ground (that’s what I like about Gertie). I expect you are in Poland already and well on your way to Moscow. Bonne continuation xx

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  5. The weather has been very kind to us – not too cold and dry. The gloves were very kind too – dying on me in time for us to find a good replacement and giving us a good excuse to take a day off after our first 3 full days’ riding.


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