Useful day of rest

Anthony found the most amazing motorcycle store in Berlin that opened at 1pm this Sunday – – so we decided not to head out of Berlin just for a few hours and make the most of today to rest up and repack, and hopefully let the weather move away from our route for tomorrow. We have been extremely lucky with the weather so far, with literally just a few minutes of rain only.

Why repack already? The last few days before our departure saw too many items still outside panniers as we still needed them and ended up in our top box on the morning of our departure because we fitted and closed the panniers the day before for a final test run: we want to keep the top boxes as empty as possible so that we can store our helmets in them with a few daily essentials.

We got Anne’s new gloves of course at Louis, together with a couple of other small items such as Loctite. I am compiling a list of lessons & tips and, checking whether old trusted equipment such as favourite gloves will last the journey, will be included!

By the way, apologies if you have been bombarded with email updates (every time I spot a spelling mistake or tweek something) as we are still coming to grips with WordPress – I’ll be more carefull from now on and use the iPad instead of my thumbs on my phone!!!…

It is wonderful to know all those who are following us but we are aware that if you have not made the confirmation at the bottom of the email you received when you first registered, we do not know who you are. Thank you confirming if you have not done so. Thank you!

We’ll be off to Poland tomorrow, heading off early – not sure if we’ll make it all the way to Warsaw though and of course no idea where we’ll spend the night or what communication we’ll have. So remember, no news is good news 😊

– Anne

Streak & Storm ready for their 1st night out

Streak & Storm ready for their 1st night out

Fantastic motorcycle Louis store in Berlin

Fantastic motorcycle Louis store in Berlin

Shoei wind tunnel where you can try helmets for wind noise at the Louis store

Shoei wind tunnel where you can try helmets for wind noise at the Louis store

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3 comments on “Useful day of rest

  1. Hadn’t seen this blog before sending a comment to the previous one which is why I imagined you were already in P. You’re really on the way now.
    Sleep tight before your long day tomorrow.Lolah xx

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  2. Thank you both. While we’re ‘rushing’ to get out of Russia on time, we’ll keep taking a full day off every 3 days. So we’ll be leaving tomorrow morning refreshed. xx


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