Anne’s family goodbyes

I was not looking forward to these last few days, knowing that I was about to say goodbye to my immediate family, until our return next year. I can’t even watch total strangers saying goodbye to each other without being emotional, so how were these last couple of days going to be?!

I was very grateful to everyone for being very brave and positive and helping me through this. Luckily we’d beeing saying many goodbyes over the last few months that we made this one just like any other. Next will be Anthony’s family goodbyes.

Right now we’re keeping fingers crossed that I will be given the all clear on Wednesday and we should be off Thursday morning at the crack of dawn… Stay tuned for an update then!!

– Anne

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5 comments on “Anne’s family goodbyes

  1. Just need to get the ‘goodbyes’ over now. I hate airports for that very reason!!! Everyone will be eagerly waiting for your blogs so let the adventure begin XX

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  2. Good actress n’est-ce pas?! I was glad I had sunglasses on and also that we had a good laugh as I cycled alongside your car (TKU for the photo!).
    Lolah as always

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