Air Canada: Fly your bike 2018

The 2018 Air Canada “Fly Your Bike” program has been announced earlier than previous years so you can start planning your adventure now. This program provides an effective and easy way to move motorcycles between Canada and Europe. As a user of the program in 2015 and 2017, we can say we were very happy with the service provided.

Destination changes this year see the removal of Amsterdam, Netherlands with Brussels, Belgium as a nearby alternative. For the African adventurers there is the addition of Casablanca, Morocco. For further information read the pdf file and for contact and Q&A information go to Air Canada Cargo icon on our links page.

Dangerous goods: your bike and equipment will be inspected for dangerous goods. Your fuel tank must be less than a quarter full – best to get it to when the fuel light just comes on if you can. Empty any camping bottles and spare fuel containers – we take the tops off so that there are no fuel fumes left. In addition, we had to leave the following behind:
the rubber glue and the CO2 canisters from our AirPro puncture repair kit, Loctite, Dendrite (some instant adhesive), wd40, and scotoiler oil (the brake fluid/oil was ok). We also took our Sena intercoms with us because of the lithium batteries.


Air Canada Cargo – Fly Your Bike

Holidays looming, Where to ride this to this summer? The Alps or Rockies again depending on whether you live in Europe or North America, but what about something different? Cross the Atlantic with your motorcycle and ride the other side of the pond. Difficult, costly and time-consuming you may say, but perhaps not. Have you seen Air Canada Cargo’s ‘Fly Your Bike’ offer? This innovative program enables transatlantic travel for motorcycles between May 1 and 30 September 2017 at extremely competitive prices. Below is my understanding of their destinations and pricing for 2017. Note that these prices are for Air Canada ticketed passengers and do not include local customs charges.

While not claiming to be airfreight motorcycle shipping experts, we have some experience as Streak and Storm are being prepared for their sixth flight from Vancouver to Seoul. We have shipped in crates, on pallets, directly with Airlines and through Shipping Agents on four continents. Each experience was different, but we have found that Air Canada’s Cargo’s ‘Fly Your Bike’ program is the easiest, quickest and most cost effective motorcycle shipping process. We have used Air Canada Cargo once each way across the Atlantic but I will not detail their process, best to read the relevant Air Canada documentation then contact Air Canada Cargo directly with any questions. What I will say in our experience is that you can ride to and from Air Canada Cargo at each end without crating and it does not get any better than that.

Streak & Storm, ready to fly

Some may wonder why we have posted what could be considered an ‘infomercial’, but I simply think that the program is excellent value and in my view under publicised. We have not been sponsored by Air Canada in any way. Enjoy your 2017 Biking holiday whatever your destination and if you use the service, tell them the 2slowspeeds sent you!

– Anthony