Looking Forward / Looking Back

My dusty Linkedin profile proclaims my occupation, somewhat optimistically, as “Adventure Motorcyclist”. When I reflect on our single motorcycle adventure last year, all of three days through the Bunya Mountains in July, it makes me think I can expect a call from the government regulators for creating a false or misleading impression.

The last twelve months have seen unprecedented changes and challenges to all our lives. Employment terminated, families separated and loved ones lost as the world and the frontline health workers battle with the COVID-19 virus. International travel from Australia for most of us has been banned for the foreseeable future, even Australian interstate travel is risky with sudden interstate border closures having the potential to strand us and the motorbikes at any time, like Western Australia’s five day lockdown from 6pm today only just announced, after a straight 9 months without a single Covid case, a perfect example.

With the start of the rollout of vaccines across the globe, hope is that country borders will start to open up to travel, but realistically, this will not be until late 2021 and probably more likely 2022 so a steady stream of blog entries to keep those lounging on the couch happy will not eventuate. So, looking forward, we do not have a practical adventure in mind at present, but to fill in the time for the couch dwellers, perhaps we need to look back in time. A long way back… Interested?  Any thoughts on how far back we’re going?

– Anthony

14 comments on “Looking Forward / Looking Back

  1. Still waiting for the book so going back in time could be a good place to start?! Let’s hope we can start to travel again sometime soon but until then ……. xx


  2. I’d be interested in learning how you both got the ‘wanderlust’ bug, who had it first. Was there a trigger that changed your dreams to a reality. As time has gone on, have you become more relaxed. How much have your riding skills/techniques changed. What pearls of wisdom could you give us armchair followers. What equipment has become invaluable, what overrated.
    I feel like I’m conducting an interview but I hope I’m not the only one who is curious.
    Keep safe.


    • We will try to cover your first pointing the blog. It will become apparent how little we knew when we first set off and some of the lessons we learned on the way. The riding aspect does not apply to what we are proposing to document that came later.


  3. As no travel is on the horizon for a while, why not write a book on your adventures, certainly enough great material to do so!! 📝😊xx


  4. Agree with previous comments. Still waiting for the book about your round the world trip! That was unlike any other travel story.


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