Reconnection – on the road to recovery.

Anne has said that my medical episodes come in twos, heart, ankle etc so that the second detached retina operation will be the last.  The power of positive thinking which Anne has always been good for.  Two weeks after the surgery is my first followup and I have a long list of questions, mostly around understanding the recovery process. 

This must be a question that many people ask after surgery.  Is the level of pain, discomfort, weeping etc within acceptable bounds? You do not want to be a hypochondriac but conversely neither do you want to miss something important.  I was provided a checklist of issues to look out for, but what about other symptoms not on the list?

I am very pleased and relieved, as we both are, to report that the recovery is progressing in a timely fashion and all that I am experiencing is normal. While I still have to undergo surgery next year to remove the silicone oil which has some risks of further retinal detachment, we are on track and will be back for a further follow up in early December to look at my other eye.

I thought that those of you who have been brave enough to see the graphic photos from my operating team might be interested to see, some non surgical photos of the retina pre and post surgery to round out your ophthalmic education.

My retina, detached from the back of the eye.
The bottom of this image shows the retina reattached.

Finally I would like to say a big thank you to all of you who have sent messages, prayed and otherwise wished me well, both via the blog and Anne on Facebook, through this eventful journey. 

– Anthony

18 comments on “Reconnection – on the road to recovery.

  1. This is good, positive news, Anthony. So pleased to hear the latest update. . Hopefully you will soon on your travels again but meanwhile…. what about the book??!! Keep smiling , both of you. Hugs from us both 😘😘


    • It was good to know the recovery is progressing well. Travel plans will have to wait a while, although we can travel in parts of Australia at present. The book is still there somewhere in the background.


  2. So proud of my big brother in the calm manner he has handled a very distressing and uncertain time! ❤️ Here’s to a positive recovery! 👍 And to Anne for the steadfast way she has supported Anthony along the way! You are both always in my prayers 🙏 Lots of love & big hugs to you two from all of us! xx😘😘xx


  3. Never once has there been the slightest murmur of self-pity/worry from either of you, in spite of what can only have been both physical and mental anguish. Bravo to the unique team you make. 👏👏 xx


  4. Glad to hear you’re on the mend and I’m sure a positive attitude and being a brave soldier helps. There may be something in the theory of ‘twos’, let’s hope it works for big lottery wins too !
    Keep safe


  5. Thanks for your entertaining updates Anne and Anthony. Anthony, your medical emergency was so serious but it read with as much humour as one of your usual adventures. So pleased to hear that you’re on the mend.
    I think you two need to write a book!
    Love to you both. A & N


  6. This is really great news and when we talked after the visit you were upbeat. The positive attitude both of you show as an inspiration to many of us. Fingers crossed, as you say in the blog, now on the road to recovery.


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