11 comments on “Over 65’s Adventure Motorcycling

  1. Oh you are both such teases, I was worried for a while. Anthony YOU don’t look anywhere near sixty-five so keep on doing what we enjoy. Speaking of which, when’s the next road trip ? Better make it soon.


  2. Hysterical!! 65 is the new 35 ! Keeeeeeeeep cycling!

    Good video – just strikingly built up almost feels claustrophobic .
    Looking forward to the next blog.
    Lots of love 💖 💖💖


  3. Ride on especially in your twilight years, alternatively you can buy your very own tour bus then equip it for around the world adventures and start a new trend, could be a hoot. All the best and congratulations on your birthday look forward to catching up catching up in very sunny Brisbane


  4. Anne may remember our trip to Scotland in a Dormobile in the Seventies : in those days, there was no shower in such modes of transport and so, every other day, we booked into a hotel in order to enjoy hot running water, rather than that, icy cold, of a mountain stream.


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