My mum’s 90th birthday

The main reason for our trip this year is now just a memory:  my mum’s 90th birthday celebration in York.  The event, which my sister and I organised, was over 12 months in the making and, from all acounts, a great success.  And a wonderful memory. 

Every one of my mum’s 5 grandchildren, together with their spouses and kids, made it to York, coming from France, Northern Ireland and various corners of England.  Our cousin came from Wales, great-cousins from Scotland and last but not least, my sister and brother-in-law came from Abu Dhabi.  While mum lives in Canterbury in Kent, York was chosen as it holds a special place in her heart, proud of her Yorkshire roots.

Although my mum agrees that she is seriously old now, I doubt it will change her habits much.  Can you believe that she still cycles everywhere, gives 2 to 3 hour guided tours of Canterbury cathedral, stands in the street collecting for various charity causes just to name a few regular activities.  And always up for a laugh:

Who would think the wearer of this fun jumper just turned 90?!

I have come to realise over the years that the most precious gifts one can give in life are time and memories.  Material things hold less and less value but time, and moments with loved ones, are so precious.  I am very happy we have spent these last few months in Europe, being able to say “see you next week” or even see you next month rather than see you next year.

The two sisters looking forward to The Event

My ever elegant sister, waiting for the first arrivals.

Pre-lunch drinks

Grandson #2, Matthew, reciting a limerick he wrote for his lola

We nearly forgot to take a group photo!

Evening at York Christmas markets

Getting together for mum’s 90th birthday was so much fun and precious.  Thank you for the memories, thank you for the fun times, thank you for you M’my.  

To my sister, as we say in good English, we done good!

Time to make our slow way back to Australia now…

– Anne

16 comments on “My mum’s 90th birthday

  1. Well what a fabulous achievement , both the organization of the festivities and the fact that your Mum is 90! As you so aptly say , there is nothing that is more dear than time spent with loved ones and making memories nobody can take away. <Hope your slow journey back is great and offers more memories and a slow , happy meander back to point A Sending lots of love and a great big hug to you both . xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  2. What a weekend it was! She is a very special lady indeed and hard to believe she is 90! Superb organisation , so lovely to have the family there …precious memories , thank you so much for inviting us XX


    • A very special lady indeed Celia. It was so wonderful to have you there too – it meant a lot to us and I know it meant a lot to mum too. A family reunion would not be complete without you! Xx


    • And what you modestly did not mention was the fact that you drove all the way beyond Epernay, beyond Rheims to buy Pierre Moncuit champagne, the best.
      That was so special. As was everything : I can’t thank you and Dion enough. xx


  3. How lovely to have such a special occasion and the super photos to remember it by. We enjoyed reading about it all and send best wishes for your slow journey home. Love from us both. We look forward to seeing you next year. Michael and Jill xx


  4. Beautiful to witness the love of a family coming together to celebrate. Congratulations on your milestone birthday M’my and wishing you many more happy, healthy years to come xx


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