Relaxing in Imgyemyeon

As we ride into the tiny village of Imgyemyeon, just 40kms out of Donghae, I spot a tall motel. It is too soon to get to Donghae, so we pull over and I go back to have a look while Anthony stays with the bikes. For some reason, the place has a good feel, I am shown a lovely room, I quickly check the current availability and rate at the hotel we had booked for 2 days later in Donghae and decision is made, we’ll stay here for 2 nights. A good base to spend the remaining of our time in Korea (locals only refer to their country as ‘Korea’, not ‘South Korea’).

Imgyemyeon is not a quaint, pretty little place, but a thriving farming community. It feels gently alive. Our 2 nights here were spent repacking, washing, walking, blogging, eating, exploring, shopping, eating, using Google translate to communicate and of course sleeping. While we didn’t sleep on the floor this time, the mattress was not only rock hard, but was circular – we had the love room!!!

Enjoy your stay in Imgyemyeon through the photos.
– Anne

Our love bed, with mood lighting above, Imgyemyeon

Sign in the shower, Imgyemyeon

Is it soap, moisturiser, cleanser?!

Dinner of tofu, mushrooms and ground beef, Imgyemyeon

Dinner in Imgyemyeon

Cooked eggs in the local supermarket?

Yes, cooked egg for breakfast but brown!

Dried octopus

Most advertising has a photo of happy woman

Take your pick

Not sure what this completely painted hut was about, Imgyemyeon

So many farming hardware shops in Imgyemyeon

Local police car – choose the appropriate number to call, Imgyemyeon

A walk along the river, we try out the various exercise machines, Imgyemyeon

Cabbages for Kimchi, Imgyemyeon

Most delicious dumplings, Imgyemyeon

Inside a dumpling, Imgyemyeon

Rice field in Imgyemyeon

Bridge over Imgyemyeon river in Imgyemyeon

On the edge of Imgyemyeon

View of Imgyemyeon with our tall motel

Fish ladder on the Imgyemyeon

Walking and cycling track sign, Imgyemyeon

Imgyemyeon is on Korea’s extensive walking/cycling cross countryntrack!

Temple in Imgyemyeon



Enjoying peaceful Imgyemyeon

7 comments on “Relaxing in Imgyemyeon

  1. I love the pictures and the food made me hungry for dim-sum but I’m not sure I should. I like the way the timetable is more relaxed and flexible this time too. Keep it up.
    Keep safe and throttle on.


    • Glad you enjoyed the photos. We definitely enjoy just being in the moment rather than chasing things to tick off the list. The pace will have to change due to visa constraints but we’ll do our best to stop and enjoy along the way as much as we can. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement!


      • Am struck by the beautifully maintained painted woodwork. Interesting that drawings of children on road signs have westernised features. And is the foot to show people how to walk? xx


      • I have a feeling it was probably a newish temple but loved the fact that this tiny village had one, so beautiful and tucked away in a forest. We found it by chance on one of our walks. We wondered about that diagram too!! Xxx


  2. Glad you could name what you were eating 😉 Had a good giggle at the hard love bed given you love a futon! Was the use of colour at the temple typical or just a one-off? xx


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