8 comments on “Central America from the saddle

  1. empty (well, almost empty) highways must have been a welcome change from some earlier ones. But the length of the trucks, limos and even coaches..! Did they remind you of the road trains back home? xx


  2. Potholes and potential pitfalls had me weaving in my armchair. Good to join you both on the open roads. You both seem to be riding a lot faster too.
    Throttle on.


    • Higher speeds and potholes do not go well together as Annes rim can testify to. Probably the lack of traffic made it look like we were going faster. Hope the armchair did not suffer any damage


  3. I still find being a pillion passenger a rather scary experience ! You have years of experience , but some of those situations are more than nail biting. People in the middle of the road??? The roads seem to be in poor condition. Safe travels -thanks for the ride !xx


    • I would not want to be a pillion, neither would Anne, hence the two bikes. We have over time come to accept as normal things we would not accept back home, but maybe we are better for adopting that approach.


  4. Great little video. Surprisingly the roads are much better than I imagined, and the driving looked far more sane that some of the other areas that you have travelled through. Stay safe.


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