Breaking out of the bubble…..

As we descended into Santiago last week, I gazed out of the window contemplating how being in an aeroplane seeing the world laid out below me, but not feeling part of it, is a little like being in a bubble. Since we left Streak and Storm in Kuala Lumpur at the end of 2014, it has seemed we have been separated from our world of Adventure Riding, enjoyable as that has been both back in Australia and here in Santiago, we are only half way around the world and the desire to complete the journey and keep our loyal followers sated with new and interesting blog entries, we are keen start travelling again.

Anne has provided an excellent and detailed blog on our stay in Santiago and the surrounds, plus the generosity of Carlos and Jessica, and I can only say I concur wholeheartedly with her views and wish to add my appreciation of the city and its people. As the following photo shows, last night we have been well insulated in our bubble from the rigours of motorcycle travel.

Adventure riding in Santiago!

Adventure riding in Santiago!

As we are packing the bikes to depart Santiago, a well dressed elderly couple sit watching us, what are they discussing? Something they would like to have done in their youth or reflecting on a trip they once did like us, we will never know, but it makes me think that we all have memories and dreams and I believe we should try as far as possible in our lives to turn the latter into the former.

We are packed and ready to leave Santiago

We are packed and ready to leave Santiago

We set off, out of Santiago heading south, “Al Sur” the signs say. The weather is fine and the road dual highway, within a hour or so, they skies become dark grey, jagged lightening slashes across the sky, thunder rumbles and rain pelts down soaking our dry weather gloves, so we slow to 100km per hour, Yes the bubble has broken, and we are loving it!

– Anthony

10 comments on “Breaking out of the bubble…..

  1. I could say that my dreams (of travel to far-off places) have become a reality thanks to you both, albeit without leaving home, and I am enjoying it all vicariously. xx


  2. Travelling the globe from the comfort of my sofa and central heating has become a luxury thanks to you both. I feel I’m already twisting the throttle and leaning into the bends. It’s so good to find you back on the road, I hope there aren’t too many pitfalls along the way.
    I hope this half of your journey takes in the UK and France. I can easily make room for S & S with A & A for a few days in either country.
    Throttle on.


    • Must be quite a few on the sofa now. Glad you are along for the ride, it’s great to share our adventures with family and friends. Looking to stay in France or UK for about five months, can we stretch a few days to that timespan?


  3. Enjoy the fresh air brushing your faces as you escape the bubble! I am still amazed at how compact the Paniers are & that you fit in clothes plus several other items. Looking forward to reading about the next stage of your journey. Safe & sound please xx


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