Change of Direction……..

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of visits to friends, end of year tax returns, dealing with issues on packing our bikes in Singapore and other assorted matters. No sooner do we remove an item off the list that another seems to attach itself to the bottom. New fridge, air conditioning breakdown, car breakdown thrown into the mix. As usual we plough on and are down to one week before departure.

As part of our planning we both had health checks to undergo, in my case since I had a quadruple heart bypass almost six years ago, I have a heart stress test. This process involves being wired up to a heart monitor while walking, jogging and finally running on a treadmill. In between you have to stop, lie on a bed, and try hold your breath while scans are taken. Something to do with the poor design of the human body putting the heart behind the ribs, hard to do an ultra-scan. I have never understood why I have to pay for this form of modern torture.

We start the process and after a few minutes I get off the treadmill for my first scan. I expect to be back on the treadmill for increased activity, but after a few minutes and more scans I am disconnected. A sinking feeling envelops me, but I feel calm, the last time this happened I ended up having an angiogram followed by a quadruple heart bypass.

I join Anne as we wait for the cardiac specialist, I share my thoughts with her and we both wait with some trepidation. In we go and get the news: they have identified “dangerous activity” in my heart and need to schedule an angiogram next Wednesday, one day after our planned departure to Santiago. This will provide the first information needed to diagnose and then fix this problem so our onward trip has been postponed.

Life can take interesting twists and turns and this is one of them. Until we have a definitive answer to my issue which will take a few weeks at a minimum, we cannot proceed with our planned trip to the Americas. A delay of a month would make the trip from Santiago to New York too tight given other constraints and timings. While much swirls through our minds, we can make no plans but this sure is ‘a Change of Direction…..’

– Anthony

23 comments on “Change of Direction……..

  1. Love your attitude Anthony and trust that the change of direction is a temporary set back. Hope Streak and Storm don’t get lonely… may the force be with you all!! xxx


  2. The best laid plans of even the 2slowspeeds are subject to the whimsical fluctuations of the universe’s grand schemes. Hope it is all a false alarm and results in even better adventures.


  3. Been thinking of you and here is the answer. You are Always so positive at all that life throws at you and this is just another hurdle to be jumped. There is something special waiting ! Lots of love to you both and wishing for a good result . In the meantime take care. xxxxx


  4. Best wishes Anthony. Our thoughts are with you….hopefully all will be a false alarm and you’ll be on your way soon and in good health. Best to be sure. Will be in touch soon. x x


  5. A bit of a blow but good that they found it during the tests rather than falling ill in a foreign country and all that would entail. Let’s hope that whatever it is can easily be fixed and you can carry on with your adventure as soon as possible. Knowing you both it will all be something you take in your stride….fingers crossed. Hugs from us both XX


    • I am sure they will identify the problem next week and work out the best treatment. Afraid the pictures and journey for now will be somewhat pedestrian but nevertheless very interesting to us.


  6. Bon effectivement pas trop cool, “pour l’instant”, pour la suite de votre voyage, MAIS, c’est trop important que Anthony se préserve et d’avoir la forme… Sans la bonne santé, le voyage peut être moins enrichissant pour vous deux.
    Tenez nous au courant des résultats.
    JM et moi nous vous embrassons et à bientôt.


  7. I wonder, is your heart saying “hey, you’re supposed to be SLOWspeeds?” and that this is a message to take things quietly for a while longer? As Julian of Norwich is famously quoted as having said, “all shall be well” so I look forward to reading your American blogs in due course. xx


    • Quite possibly, although 2slowspeeds referred to our travel pace, not our pace of life. I am sure that as you say ‘all will be well in time’ and we will get to post blogs on the Americas in due course.


  8. Thanks, Anthony, for update and you can be sure we are truly sorry you are not able to proceed in your original time-frame but, with your trip postponed first time round, this really is a case of déjà vu… hope you and Anne make the most of this enforced rest before your next leg. Much love, as always, Dion xxx


  9. Hi Antony and Anne, That totally sux but Im keeping fingers & toes crossed that the next round of tests clears you for future adventures. Either way, Antony please heed doc’s and stay healthy! I am sending you wishes of hope and happiness.
    Lots of Luv Helen


  10. Anthony, thanks for the update.. We will be thinking of you next week, so good luck..Remember if you do make your way to New York, there will always be a bed for you and Ann here in Princeton NJ. Take care Inger and Steve


    • Thanks Steven, Wednesday will start to provide answers and then we can see what happens next. If we get back on track then we will come and visit in July/August. Will keep you updated.


  11. Argh, this must be so disappointing and frustrating. And I’m also familiar to the anxiety that accompanies this kind of news .. At least, you will be fully checked before you leave on your next adventures. We will think of you tomorrow.
    Take care xx


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