IranWire Interview

Thanks to our friend Afrooz, we were interviewed by Homayoun Kheyri for IranWire last week. It was such a hot steamy and wet day, we had to change tops twice while the team was installing all the lights, umbrellas etc in our lounge before the interview started!

We clearly need more practice but we are grateful to be able to share our amazing experiences with Iranian hospitality we experienced everywhere we went in Iran.

Here’s the video on YouTube:
Uploaded by Homayoun Kheyri
IranWire- A Trip To Iran.

– Anne & Anthony

18 comments on “IranWire Interview

  1. Wow guys, well done!!! You are real pro’s. Really enjoyed this; it was also very well put together. There is maybe a future for you as presenters of travelling programmes. Jan and Ineke


  2. At an age when many of thinking of retiring, you have a whole new professional life ahead; will it be travel consultants, after-dinner speakers (very lucrative), tourism ambassadors for all the countries you have visited, BMW breakdown experts, life coaches (I can think of not a single other example of bedraggled bikers asking a Hilton for a budget-priced room and immediately being shown to the best suite) or Golden Globe award? Booker Prize? Bets are on. xx


  3. I am honored to be acquainted with rising superstars of television, you must be up for some kind of award in the not too distant future. Not only do you combine Indiana Jones type adventures you are branching into the realm of international TV stardom, very well done, I really enjoyed the show


    • I think we are too old for ‘Neighbours’ but we are pleased to have done our first interview in addition to our newspaper article in Iran. Thanks for the vote of confidence in our interviewing skills.


  4. It makes me proud to say that I know these international pin ups. I predict pictures of Anne will be adorning many a young boys bedroom wall in the not too distant future.
    This could be the start of something big for you young things.

    Throttle on


  5. Concur with everything everyone has said here. Wonderful that you demonstrate that living life to the full and taking calculated risk outweighs living in fear of things that may never happen especially in these troubled and mad times we are living in. Kudos to you both xx


  6. Absolutely brilliant!! So relaxed and professional! Loved the accompanying music which really set the scene. Wonderful to share this experience on TV and show what a special place Iran is! We look forward to the next interview! xxxx😀


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