6 comments on “For us, a challenging road

  1. Had to watch this video twice : the first time, I was so intent on keeping my eye on the road, I didn’t even notice the scenery and had to see it a second time to see what a beautiful country this is. Your off-piste training course in Wales must pale in comparison with what you have experienced in Myanmar. Do hope the migraine didn’t last too long. Asto. xx
    PS – your descriptive prose is anything but “poor”, Anthony!


  2. As pillion passenger , there were heart stopping moments. You both did so well. Beauitful countryside though and great travel companoins. So pleased you decided to be sensible and stop ; so much easier to travel when you are rested and clear headed. Eloquent,my dear ,eloquent. Love to you both. Send up a prayer for your birthday ,Anthony!! Hope you had a magical day in magical surroundings !xxxxx


  3. Respect to you both! Wow your muscles must have taken a beating from that uneven surface and muddy patches. Great to see the camaraderie of your group getting Anne to safety. xx


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