Bike collection day!

Here it is, while we have been acquiring the bits and pieces, today we collect our motorbikes from BMW North Oxford. We are greeted by a beautiful blue sky English spring day. We are lucky Anthony’s sister can drive up with us so as to drive back while we ride back. Only when we turned off the A34 into Oxford at the roundabout we had ridden past on the test ride back in January 2014 did the butterflies start instantly for both of us. We have 90 miles to ride on new motorbikes back to Verwood.

We enter the showroom and there are the motorbikes, gleaming clean, with all the accessories added, crash bars, pannier racks, screen and scottoiler fitted standing in the centre of the showroom with the “These bikes have been sold do not sit on them” signs. Lots of paperwork later and a helpful discussion with the service department and we have decided on what to take as spares and how the last service would be undertaken. They have kindly allowed us to sit on on the service so we can see the simpler things to undertake ourselves. After availing ourselves of the excellent BMW guest facilities with our sandwiches, we leave the show room.

Ready to go, gear on, Anne finds she has brought two left gloves! Gloves are obviously an issue for us as we packed two pairs of Anne’s gloves and none of mine when we left Australia. My sister has offered to write our names and “L” & “R” in each of our gloves. We should probably take her up on the offer!!!!! Good thing I have both my new pairs of gloves so Anne can ride with one large right glove of mine.

Start up and out on the road, someone, me, forgot to adjust the mirrors, Ok out and off we go for some 90 miles/130km. I had planned in my mind to ride at just 50mph and take a leisurely ride back, however we were quickly up to the speed limit to stay out of the way of the many trucks as the A34 is a main route from the UK Midlands to the port of Southampton. After an hour we pulled over for a short break and the reason for Anne’s puzzlement at my shiny back tyre became apparent. We had BMW Oxford fit Scottoilers to extend chain life while travelling, both our motorbikes had not had the flow rate adjusted properly and in one hour had deposited half the
contents of the reservoirs on the back of the motorbike, mostly on one side of the tyre. As the weather was sunny and we undertook no radical cornering this was not a problem. It did however highlight that we need to both check and understand the equipment on the motorbike. The motorbikes will be valeted on our service visit to Oxford in mid May. We proceed without incident, but careful on all right hand turns.

Bike collection

Bike collection

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