Australia, Austria, where are you from ???????

From time to time, we consider and debate about the form of Government, Head of State and national flag that should represent Australia. While these are all worthwhile discussion points, we have missed the most important of all, our country’s name.

Anne and I have conducted extensive research in the last six weeks in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan on these counties’ inhabitants’ understanding of where we are from. We have found that most people confuse us with Austria and Allemagne (Germany). However the use of “Kangaroo” accompanied by a hopping motion with the hand will have any local instantly aware of where we are from.

Changing our country’s name to ‘Kangaroo’ will provide much greater recognition for our country and therefore exposure to a large and hitherto untapped market. We will continue to research this phenomena on our RTW trip and provide a full report in July 2015.