Shopping in Texas

When in the USA we have always taken a little time for shopping. In the past, we have found both competitive pricing and variety giving us the best of both worlds. 

Being in Texas where everything is bigger, yes I know that Texas is just a small town in Queensland, I meant the other one, we should avail ourselves of the opportunity.

With Christmas approaching and having binged on numerous Netflix Christmas movies in the motels, perhaps now was the time to upgrade our festive decorations from minimalist to extravagant.  Lunch at the Cracker Barrel chain offered such an opportunity to do just that.  Surrounded by all the glitter I was ready to buy up big, but just could not decide between the “All White” or the “multi coloured look”. Oh well there is always next year.

Texas was where some years ago I introduced Anne to the pistol range.  We both shot 9mm and even though it was Anne’s first time, her aim was good with only the recoil of her Smith and Wesson MP9 affecting the grouping of the rounds vertically.  Anne likes to keep her eyes out for an all in one versatile handbag and I thought that these might just be the ones.

All I need now is that nice 9mm handgun.

Seems the colour choices and the lack of armament options back in Australia have killed another sales opportunity. Oh well.

The term “Premium Outlet Stores” has, in my mind, conjured up a slightly better class of discount store. What I had not realised is that there are Premium and “PREMIUM” outlet stores. We learnt that at the San Marcos Premium Outlets located between Austin and San Antonio.  Armani, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo amongst others provide a chance to acquire luxury branded goods at atmospheric, not stratospheric prices, but still outside our price range. 

If only they had my size in that style.

Luckily, seems we cannot get past the dark suited gentlemen with earpieces at the doors, something about unfashionable customers – phew that saved a few dollars.

Gun detection dogs in shopping centres. Whatever next.

When parking in shopping centres we are always mindful of our personal security and that of the automobile which usually contains all our possessions, no guns here, for the trip. Most centres seem to have some form of security but this was purely Texas.

Mounted car park patrol Texas style.

Eric explained that being on horseback gave a commanding view of the vehicles from above roof hight and I am sure it is easier to lasso a varmint from a horse than a security golf buggy.  Great idea.

Well shopping in Texas was a bust. A couple of pairs of jeans for me and a wallet still full of dollar bills.  Not a bad shopping trip.

And for those who don’t know us that well, our home borders on the minimalist, our 43 year old Christmas tree is a mere 50cm/20 inches tall and Anne hates guns.

– Anthony