4 comments on “Faroe Islands riding days 1 & 2

  1. Not sure I enjoyed that ride : I was so busy keeping my eyes on the (sometimes invisible) road ahead that I didn’t see the scenery. Now that we (!) have arrived safely, perhaps I’ll ride that road again, this time admiring the scenery.. xx


  2. Wow I hope you can see better than the camera does at times! I love these videos although I may break the breath holding competition especially on the hair pin bend ha ha


  3. Luckily I was already wearing my waterproofs when I started to watch this video (it’s a long story !). A far cry from the South of France and average temperatures in the mid-thirties. I think I’ll stay where I am.
    Keep safe


  4. Hey 2slowspeeds ! Loving the countryside…I think it shows up how narrow the roads are & how some houses in the villages have the road as their entertainment room ! Looks like you have to make rain your friend….ride safe and stay upright !


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