Phantom Post: Fixed in the next release…..

Have the 2slowspeeds lost the plot? Has Anne gone ‘Bush’ while in Alice Springs, has Anthony too much time on his hands? This morning’s unexpected post, unexpected to us as well, as a ‘Phantom Post’ magically appeared making no sense at all. I could not log in at first, then Anne contacted WordPress and found they had just done an upgrade of, you guessed it, the Post Editor. Wonder what the culprit could be?

So that’s the answer folks, a WordPress software upgrade somehow created a spurious blog entry so you can all relax, well, until the next upgrade anyway. I am glad I got out of IT back in 1997 when it was a simpler world and I still believe that Oracle Version 6.0.36 was the best RDBMS ever. Maybe I have lost it after all.

– Anthony

6 comments on “Phantom Post: Fixed in the next release…..

  1. We did wonder!! But your explanation amused us, as having just lost stuff after a Microsoft upgrade overnight, we know that we aren’t the only people with this sort of problem.


    • Hopefully you will be able to recover the files. We had some files disappear recently but they returned 5 days later from the ‘cloud’. I am a little paranoid about having multiple backups.


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