What time is the next ferry please?

What date will we leave Aktau? A chance to test your skill, knowledge and luck by guessing the date we will depart from Aktau in Kazakhstan for any port in Azerbaijan. You may confer, call a friend or research on the internet.

Good luck, the winning date will be announced after, and if, we successfully arrive in Azerbaijan.

– 2slowspeeds

10 comments on “What time is the next ferry please?

  1. I’ll say August 28th 2017 or maybe 2018????!!!! Oh I see that it doesn’t state a year 😂😂Hope I win the prize !!! 😘😘


  2. I would have like to say 24th August (it’s a great day 🙂 check my FB page) , but that would be definitely unrealistic. Guess the ferry will leave when it is full. No idea of the kind of traffic this time of year but just for your sake I will be optimistic and say the 28th …


  3. Haha! I went to caravnistan.com to see when their next sailing is scheduled. The first news given was that two of their old freighters had recently “drowned”. ??? (don’t forget your water wings) From then on, the info was like something out of Monty Python or the Marx Bros. Hilarious in its vagueness. So my answer is : when the freighter has arrived, discharged its cargo, cannot squeeze another car/bike/soul on board. In other words, any day after next Thursday 1 September. Good luck! xx


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