Chilling in hot Chita

Only 3000kms in 6 days since we left Vladivostok and when we see our accommodation in Chita, with air conditioning, we decide we need a rest: we are definitely no hard core riders!!! We are a little embarassed that our Korean scooter riders are only two days behind us. But that’s ok, we’re probably their grand-parents’ age.

Time for a good shower (our hovel last night had no running water whatsoever, no tap outside even – it’s funny how we much prefer camping to such places but the heat and horse flies put us off, especially after our longest day riding), some washing, money changing, blogging, a little exploring and resting. And a little shopping too: our hovel last night fried my power converter/recharger when we suddenly got power in the late evening – my mistake really.

Over the past week, it has been incredibly frustrating for me to realise how little Russian I remember. While I can make myself understood, often with the aid of Google translate, which I do manage to correct at times, I have no idea what I am being told! Although I did understand one poor woman’s frustrating retort telling me she couldn’t understand why I didn’t understand her!!! Anyway, some words and grammar are slowly coming back, and luckily I can still read Russian easily.

This luxury in Chita was only a little more than double our hovel the night before!

New engineering students on their graduation march through Chita

Proud parents waiting to see their children in the procession

Russian tv journalist reporting on Chita’s university graduation

Graduation speech on Lenin square, Chita

Lenin square, Chita

Chita – old and new buildings

Old home in Chita

No fur needed at the moment – 35 degrees days

Chita train station

Chita cathedral

The inside of the cathedral was breathtaking – I have no idea if photographs are allowed but I felt it inappropriate as everyone inside, young and old, were praying to different saints in different parts of the cathedral. We lit candles for our guardian angels.

Not much more news really. Loved walking around Chita and seeing the graduation march – great timing! Just wanted to give you a quick tour of Chita before we head into Mongolia in 4 days’ time. Using up our sim card data pack as wifi is near impossible to use here. As you can see, the weather has changed for us now: the winter gloves have been packed away, and it is 31 degrees as I write this at 9pm.

We will be in touch again when internet allows – could be 3 weeks, by the time we cross Mongolia, back into Russia and into Kazakhstan, so no panic. Just keep your armchairs oiled for our return…

– Anne

9 comments on “Chilling in hot Chita

  1. Chita looks lovely – esp the cathedral. Hope your guardian angels watch over the next long stretch of chewing up those miles.


  2. Yet again, a wonderful insight into a different part of the world. What an experience, what memories you will have. Looking forward to when we next hear from you. Stay safe and we will keep our armchairs ticking over 🏍🏍😘😘


  3. Safe travels dear adventurers. Many of us may not comment often but we eagerly await your posts; armchair travelers we be. Guardian angels be watchful over you.
    Fairfarren Anne & Anthony!


  4. It’s so awesome to have the town celebrate the graduation with a march.The architecture is really interesting and so mixed and the cathedral is so majestic on the outside so I can only imagine what it was like inside xx


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