10 comments on “Wrap up warmly for this one…..

  1. Where ,oh where is Summer ? That is going to be a year long winter! I have to say you have to be admired for your steadfast belief in the good and the testing of your biking skills in such conditions . Sending the weather gods an sms to improve the situation ! xxxxx


  2. That did it for me. Thermals on, hot water bottle filled and a steaming cup of cocoa from the safety of my armchair. I’m even considering having an electric blanket fitted. Brrrrrr !!
    keep safe.


  3. Please! No more like this one. Now I know it is not my imagination running riot : this for real. Good job your faithful guardian angels are riding with you. xx


  4. OMGoodness!! Really pushing yourselves and your bikes to the limits!! So glad for you that you have had warmer weather since.xxx


  5. Oh my giddy aunt! I realise that the camera lens was blocked with snow and not necessarily your visor but wow I was holding my breath until it cleared! xx


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