7 comments on “Twists and turns in the Black Hills

  1. Wonderful film, thank you, almost made me fall off my armchair banking for the corners, even waved to the Harley’s that you went past, but they didn’t wave back ! Liked the new gloves too (very posh) . How long to the end of your dream ?
    Keep safe and throttle on.


    • Managed to stay on, must be harder on the couch without handlebars to steer. Gloves are our cold weather ones so they see little action except early morning. Five weeks till we are back in the UK.


  2. You couldn’t afford to wiggle a bit going through those narrow tunnels and as for the coach in the way! eek Carruthers’ 😀
    Take care of yourselves

    Love xxxx


  3. Wow! Those rocks! (Was it not scary, coming face to face with a 54-seater coach on your side of the road?) August already : make the most of the next five/six weeks. xx


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