Columbia: Ride to Travel or Travel to Ride?

We have commented previously that we “Ride to Travel” rather than “Travel to Ride”. The distinction in our minds is is that the first uses the motorcycle to reach new destinations, the latter is more focused on the riding the motorcycle in a variety of terrains. We have always considered ourselves to be in the former category. Riding through Ecuador and Columbia we have found that our focus has been on the riding, and less on the historical town centres and famous buildings. Our enjoyment of interacting with the people we meet remains undiminished and each time we do it confirms our belief in the positive aspects of humanity.

This video is the result of our ride from Pasto to Cali in Columbia. While this trip took 10 hours to complete, partially due to Anne’s dodgy fuel problem that lasted for a couple of hours in the mountains with the engine dying over 200 times! All said, it was a glorious day’s ride, we definitely felt we “Travelled to Ride” on this day. Enjoy!


10 comments on “Columbia: Ride to Travel or Travel to Ride?

  1. Lovely to ride ‘with you both’. Almost serene watching how you weave effortlessly around obstacles. The locals seem to consider it an honour to assist, where did the western world go wrong.
    Throttle on


  2. Fabulous scenery and excellent roads – well, most of the time. And yet more lovely people. Do hope the engine problem has been sorted. Safe riding for your final stretches of road in South America. xx


  3. Thank you for the wonderful ride! Isn’t human nature just wonderful – pull and push and you get there. Hope you were well rested by the following day. Great -keep safe and enjoy your further travels. xxxx


  4. That engine again! I think Anne’s bike has a resident gremlin. BTW – looks like a great riding road, bar a few minor stretches.


  5. While you were avoiding the traffic jam I was concerned that people were walking between the parked cars but thankfully that did not eventuate! Great that you readily got the required “man” power to push the bikes over the bridge. Once again the kindness of strangers. Strange that you both use the same fuel yet it caused Anne’s bike to behave badly. Hope that is resolved quickly xx


    • Managed to avoid all the people, amd they are aware of us as we ride. We have been very lucky with the people we meet amd their kindness. I think that in Annes tank is a small spot that holds bad fuel, hopefully it will be diluted by the extra fuel, we will see what happens.


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