Kristján’s interview – when determination counts

When traveling around the world on a motorcycle you meet many people; not just the local people, but also other travelers.

I first met Anne and Anthony in Dubai and we then spent a week together, waiting to clear our bikes out of customs in Delhi. We then crossed Myanmar together with eight other motorcyclists. In Peru, we met again totally unplanned and I decided to interview them because I think they’re an example of regular people who have a dream that nothing can stop.

I admire and respect the way that they overcome unexpected obstacles and threats. I don’t know anyone who could have gone through what they have and still kept going. Part of their story is told here. Their perspective on life and how their round the world trip has affected them is also interesting to hear. I want to thank both of them for sharing their story with me and allowing me to put it on my site.




11 comments on “Kristján’s interview – when determination counts

  1. Thanks Kristjan for doing the interview ! So lovely to hear their voices .Anne you are really special as is Anthony of course. Take care and enjoy your travels . xxxxxx


  2. Fabulous to hear and see you two beautiful souls. Thanks for sharing your most vulnerable and your most happy thoughts. You inspire me to keep going myself! xx


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