8 comments on “Motorcycle meanders through the Andes

  1. Gosh so much under construction , but what breathtaking scenery. OH NO ! Mud !.The sky is SO blue.Thanks for the ride ! Exhilirating !


    • Not so much under construction, just wanted to show the variety of surfaces. Mostly good tar, but you never know the good stuff finishes. Yes a wonderful blue sky , reminds me of home. Could have spent weeks there.


    • I do have a couple more hours of footage if you want to do some armchair riding, but how about the real thing? We are aiming for Sturgis 3-9 August, build yourself a trip around those dates and we may see you there.


  2. Some of that terrain looked pretty treacherous to ride on : ( A great ride you take us on, with super views of the Andes, thank you! but my heart sank again seeing you, Anthony, on the ground…hope your foot being sorted out fully xxx


    • Terrain not to bad, we just do not have the experience, we are gaining it. Thought the foot photo was relevant to include. Saw someone yesterday and still a couple of weeks healing to go, keeping up the painkillers but otherwise ok.


  3. Wow that must have been amazing! I held my breath when you went over the wooden bridge and rode in a trail of dust. I can understand what you mean about the concentration required xx


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