We are good to go!!

Yes, we are good to go!!!! Anthony got the all clear from the cardiologist this morning. What should have been a great moment was weird: Anthony was left wondering as the cardiologist disappeared after the stress test, then came back with a prescription for 6 months worth of pills which he hands to the technician. Anthony is free to leave and go back to reception. Are we seeing the cardiologist again for the official all clear and a bit more information? The receptionist gave us the bill for the test and said Anthony was good to leave but had to return in 6 months’ time. What?!?! We asked her to double check that he remembered we were leaving for a year or so and riding up the Americas on motorcycles. Well, you’ll have to get more medication on the way (we can only get medication for 6 months). He’s obviously brilliant to be a cardiologist, and has a great reputation as a cardiologist, but we struggle with his communication skills…

It is fantastic news. So different to what we had prepared ourselves for just over a week ago!! The week’s wait was agonising and totally draining. Knowing that Anthony’s condition could lead to sudden cardiac arrest was scary for both of us. Every morning, my first thought was: is Anthony still alive? I have to admit that one evening, I found myself questioning whether I had the strength to continue with the trip. That thought surprised me but I was physically and emotionally exhausted. It felt like those massive old steam engines, their huge wheels slowly turning faster and faster to pull the heavy train along. When Anthony came back from hospital having been told they hadn’t been able to induce ventricular tachycardia (which can lead to cardiac arrest), that he had a strong and healthy heart muscle and that medication was very likely to control his rhythm, we came home relieved and slept for 2 days.

Suddenly now though, we are back into trip mode and we are both re-energised. We can continue ticking items off our list and get ready for our departure on Wednesday 11th February for Santiago, Chile!!!!!

Our family and friends’ support during this little ‘blip’ has been wonderful – thank you all 🙂

Not long before we are re-united with Streak and Storm!! Our priority is to get Streak fitted with its new engine control unit which we are now trying to get organised and sent from Berlin. This is likely to take a couple of weeks at best. So stay tuned for our next adventures!!!

– Anne

25 comments on “We are good to go!!

  1. Wonderful,wonderful news ! Can sympathise with your emotional roller coaster ride. So very excited for you both. Onward and upward to another year full of exciting adventures for both you and us as we follow your journey. All was just meant to be . If the bikes could talk I think they would equally as excited. mwah xxxxx


  2. Such wonderful news for two truly amazeballs people! You handle life with such aplomb that even in a challenging time you shine. So pleased we will join you in your next adventure and may all the to do’s get done xxx


  3. YAY! That is indeed good news.
    Santiago will let you guys peek at Aconcagua, around 150Ks North.
    Make sure you take lots of photos of that one! It is on the bucket list of a lot of folks.
    I’m looking forward to a chance to see LaPaz, Titicaca, Tiwanaku and Hayna Potosí – all 6Ks of it! – sometime in 2017. Likely you guys will beat me to it!
    Travel safe, my friends!


  4. Congratulations on your clean bill of health Anthony, and your patience Anne. I’m truly excited for you both. I was running out of interesting things to read, and have already gone back through all your previous ‘blogs’. Can’t wait for you both to get out there and write about new experiences.
    Throttle on.


  5. Fantastic news…… a doctor with no bedside manner, whatever next!!!!!! The main thing is that you have the green light and all is well. Can’t wait for the next instalments . Safe travels on the next stage …your armchair followers will be waiting for news and fabulous photos. Love from us both XX


  6. Know exactly how you feel about the cardio but also know that, in your wisdom, you will replace all memory of his boorish manner with others, more beautiful, of what you are about to discover. Happy landings in Santiago and safe trekking north. That goes for Streak and Storm also. xx


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