Our route and plans for January 2015

We realise that there has been some confusion as to what our plans are once we get to Australia at the end of this month. To make it all clear, I’ll step back in time and explain how this trip all came about.

Back in April 2013, we decided that we wanted to spend time with our families in Europe and I had a strong feeling that if we didn’t do this now, I would regret it. So we booked ourselves a one way ticket using frequent flyer points. Spending those 9 months with family was one of best things we’ve done.

Then we had to look at the return journey. To this day, neither of us can remember who came up with the idea of riding back on motorcycles…. As the saying goes, the rest is history :-).

While in Europe, we started looking into prices of motorcycles. We tried to see if we could buy motorcycles built for Australian design rules so that we could import them into Australia (knowing that the models we were interested in had not gone through the necessary certification for private importation). Neither BMW nor Triumph could help us there. Ok, we can’t bring bikes into Australia, we’ll just do a whole Round The World trip instead. The plot thickened when we found out that residents of a country are not allowed to temporarily import vehicles into their country on a Carnet de Passage (a Carnet is a customs document which allows travellers to temporarily import their vehicles without having to leave a cash deposit at the border). We were going to have UK registered bikes, on a UK Carnet de Passage which is valid for 12 months. So now, we can’t even bring the bikes into Australia, even just for a few weeks. Ok, we’ll just leave the bikes in Kuala Lumpur for 4-5 weeks while we go back to Australia and collect them again end of January 2016, when we’ll ship them and ourselves to South America.

Where exactly in South America we are not sure yet as it depends on what deals we manage to get – we’ve been working on that but haven’t firmed anything up yet. Our original thought had been to fly to Santiago and head up the west coast of South America etc but shipping the bikes there is problematic because it would entail using two airlines from KL and that means extra handling, and, yes, you guessed it, cost… The other option is to go to Sao Paulo, and find a boat to take us all down the Amazon. Looking into that too.

After South America, Central America, Mexico, and the USA, we’ll fly back to Europe from New York, sometime towards the end of July 2016.

Time to see our families again for a while, park our bikes somewhere in Europe and then we still have to work out how we’ll get home to Australia sometime… We are the 2 Slow Speeds – we’ll work it out sometime!! :-).

In the meantime, we will have had an absolutely fantastic time, learned so much, seen the world and people with new eyes, made new friends. And thanks to you all, our followers, we will have a diary of what we did, where we went, how we felt, who we met, all the details our memories couldn’t retain as we’ve experienced so much, because if it wasn’t for you and your comments and emails we received along the way, we might not have perservered with the blog.

We arrive in Sydney on 26th December and Brisbane 28th December and plan to fly back to Kuala Lumpur 28th January 2015. We will have lots to do as we will have been away for 15 months and we hope to catch with as many friends as possible during our time back home.

– Anne

17 comments on “Our route and plans for January 2015

  1. You two seem to have morphed into one person. Why? When I begin to read a new blog, I try to imagine which of you has written it because we all have our own style, and today I was quite sure it was you, Anthony. Surprise, surprise! Bravo tiote, xx


  2. Great to have the plans laid out – flexible but with a clear goal in mind to do the Americas – many thanks and good luck! I suppose I ought to just check you mean Jan 2015 and July 2015 and not a year later?!


  3. Phew! That was around the world in 80 days . ope all goes as planned. Have a wonderful Christmas albeit on the move. Look forward to further blogs as you make your way to the otherside of the globe !! Lots of love to you both . Mwah !xxxxx


  4. Good to get the latest update on your plans. You’ve certainly had many adventures so far and we probably don’t know half of it! Have loved following your blogs from the comfort of our armchairs. You will have so many memories of this incredible trip. Anywhere you would like to revisit another time? Now for the next phase. No doubt you are looking forward to seeing everyone back in Oz and maybe getting your feet back on the ground for a few weeks. Then it will be back on the road for the next part of your adventures…we can’t wait!!! hugs to both XX


  5. Bon vent, à vous deux, sur tous les chemins aussi ouverts et chaleureux que vous.
    J’ai hâte de voir et lire la suite sur votre blog.


  6. You two make the complex seem simple with your tenacity and positivity. While I arm chair travel, I am learning many things so thank you for making time to share your journey. I look forward to hearing more stories and so excited that it’s not too many sleeps until I see you xx


  7. If you get down Tassie way, we’d love to see you two. Anyway, have a great 2015 and keep after that “Round the World on a Wheel” (or 2), adventure. Bob & Felicity


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