20 comments on “I was riding through the town one day……

  1. How on earth do you cope with the traffic? Not to mention the noise? I wonder what the BMI make of this video. Bravo for negociating all the mayhem with singular skill; the three on one bike were particularly scary. xx


    • You just have to cope the noise is less in the helmets. To us this is now normal riding, nothing out of the ordinary here. Three on a bike is quiet common, in this case did you notice the cricket bat. I had a short conversation with them on cricket as we rode!


  2. Nul point for me : no, I didn’t notice the cricket bat and, having watched the video again, can understand if you were surprised that I didn’t. I suppose it was because, just as I do when being driven, I was keeping a lookout for anything untoward and was certainly kept busy watching your extraordinary s ippet of life on the road in India. xx


    • What constitutes untoward in Europe is normal here. We accept actions of other that would surprise and alarm elsewhere. You have to adjust, but still be careful, to ride successfully. With three on the bike you have to carry the bat as there is no room to store anywhere else.


  3. You don’t have to travel so far to see traffic mayhem. Try being in the UK when mummies pick up their little darlings after school.
    Is it legal to fit a bazooka to a bike ?


  4. Remember it well. One of my favourites was the family of 8 or so in a tuk tuk carrying lumber about 8 feet long on the floor, ACROSS the vehicle. Interesting.
    Keep safe! C x


  5. Saw the bat , but was more concerned about the cacophony of hooters -maybe someone should suggest an orchestra of hooters . The threesome were certainly fascinated by you ,weaving to and fro !! Drive safely 😉


  6. Am obviously perverse, or I have a weird sense of humour, as I thought it was funny. Possibly because deep down I know neither of you would ever take any risks and both have the experience to deal with unexpected challenging driving you encounter. But it really was funny!


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