Our adoring fans – II

I have occasionally thought of the difficulties that the likes of Brad Pitt, Angelia Jolie, George Clooney, and now Amal Alamuddinand must have when out in public trying to go about their daily lives.

Having spent a couple of weeks in India, and every time we stop at the roadside attracting large crowds that block roads, disrupt traffic and generally surround you, closely following every action, move and nuance that we make, I finally think I start understand what being a celebrity must be like under the glare of public scrutiny. At least we can get on our bikes and ride away to get some peace and quiet, like getting into a limo for the celebrities. I will now try to studiously avoid future contact with famous celebrities, and suggest that our blog readers do likewise if they can. To those celebrities that I do not recognise and thoughtlessly engage in conversation, my apologies in advance. While we love to engage with locals answering questions and posing for photographs, it will be nice to be travelling in countries where our ‘fame’ does not attract such large crowds every time.


4 comments on “Our adoring fans – II

  1. Who was it who wrote “pour vivre heureux, vivons cachés”? – very loosely translated as “happiness is? .. far from the madding crowd”
    Not far now from Burma. Safe and stressless journey xx


  2. Dear A&A.
    WE all use you Anthony as our claim to fame, and Anne as our claim to infamy !
    Keep up the descriptive narrative, I’m riding with you in spirit.

    Throttle on


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