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Not your usual blog entry, but those of you with more technical interest may have wondered what software and hardware we are using to provide video and photos for the blog and how we get it all together. We are using wordpress.com for the blog, which Anne developed. We are still learning, and from time to time if you are bombarded with emails, it is probably me, Anthony, who forgot to turn something off while making changes to existing content for testing.

Anne has a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT5 camera, which is providing the beautiful photos. I am using a GoPro 3+ black for the bike video and we have iMovie on the iPad for video editing and Panasonic image app for photo editing. All blog updates are loaded from the iPads. All connectivity between products is via bluetooth using apps on the iPads, which reduces the need for additional cables for connection. Now if only that was the case for the power cables! We use dropbox to provide backup storage. It takes on average about three hours to develop and upload each blog entry with written content, photos and video.

To all of those who follow our blog, we enjoy receiving your comments and questions and Anne has been diligent in responding. They are a great addition to the blog, so keep them coming.

We love to know who is following us, and appreciate your signing up, even if you don’t post comments. We are aware that a couple of you may have not responded to the original confirmation email from our blog, and as a result we do not know you are a regular follower. If you think this might be you, check the original email for the confirmation button.

– Anthony

12 comments on “Our Blog and related technical information

  1. Dear Anne and (poor long suffering)Anthony.
    I’m having great fun reading previous blog replies. It would seem you have managed to fool most of the people into thinking Anne can actually read, take pictures and work a computer. Having ridden with her in Bhutan, I know this is not the case. However if that is the game you wish to play, far be it from me rain on your parade. I know you Anthony are wary as she has put you in hospital several times before; mild heart-burn, attempted hit-and-run and some minor medical conditions (all good excuses to cover her brutality). Don’t worry mate I’ve got your back.
    Keep heading East
    (Sweet, innocent). Phillip Cameron


  2. Wow, didn’t realise how long it takes you to update us all! Fantastic for us but you too will reap the benefits when you have more time to enjoy your hard work, sometime in the near future! in the meantime GO FOR IT!!! I can assure you, no time wasted


  3. I have to admit that I have become hooked on your blogs, sharing them with Debbie, friends and family, anxiously awaiting your new email notices. Although I have to say that I would be too “chicken” to undertake such an adventure, I have the greatest admiration for what you are doing and how you are doing it. You are always upbeat and positive in your updates, but I am sure there are downsides, frustrations and sometimes sheer exhaustion. Now that you are moving away from what we would call “civilization”, memories of my stint in the Middle East come back, an experience I would not want to have missed. Your stories are also a constant reminder of the true value of human relationships, irrespective of your place on the social ladder, irrespective of what our political leaders are trying to to brainwash us with! Safe travels! You better make certain Houston is on the route when you tackle the “Americas” leg.


    • Thank you Mario for your really lovely comments. Yes there are moments of frustration like when cars overtake you because you’ve left a safety gap between yourself and the vehicle in front of you and suddenly brake to a stop because of a pothole but you can’t let it get to you (I do sometimes let out a ‘aarrgghh’!). The visa process is tedious but again, it is what it is, so no point in letting it get to you. Exhaustion?! Yes too!!! But we make sure we take the time to recover completely before taking the road again. And eat as well as we can. Houston?! Of course! And if you’re in Santa Fe when we come through we’d go there just to see you. Love to you all.


  4. Loving the blog and photos, gives us a real insight into your travels from the comfort of our armchairs!! It all looks so exciting XX


  5. Excellent commentary. I would appreciate a comment on how you communicate with each other while on the road. Is SW/FM radio included ? Also, which WordPress package are you using, Premium ?
    And also what means you have for detecting upcoming weather, traffic, fuel, accommodation, and conflict conditions. Is it all down to just two iPads and a length of string ?


    • Thanks, we enjoy writing the blog as we go. On the road we use the recently released Sena S20 using bluetooth to talk as we travel. It does have FM radio. Yes we are using WordPress.com Premium, which is different from the .org version. Weather is now very hot amd hotter, easy. Accomodation we use trip advisor for large cities or just look for hotels via GPS, garmin Montana, everything else we use the the piece of string and kindly locals.


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