One week to planned departure date

This is a strange time for us – we are suddenly one week away from our original planned departure date and yet, it still does not feel real (are we really about to ride around the world on our motorcycles?! 😳) and we still have 33 items on our ‘to do’ list. We have a couple of ‘show stoppers’ such as collecting our European passports from the Kazakhstan embassy on Thursday, connecting Anthony’s additional spot lights and downloading the various required maps for our GPS. And Anne’s unexpected visit to the endodontist next Tuesday for a suspected abscess under at the root of one her crowned teeth… Not happy about that little surprise 😦

The good news is that we did our first pack practice yesterday and there is room to add ‘stuff’ to our panniers! Next will be our first practice ride fully loaded – could be fun. Here’s hoping for some dry weather in the next couple of days!!

– Anne

3 comments on “One week to planned departure date

  1. All too real !! So pleased that most things are going to plan! A good idea putting your names at the end of the blog ! Wishing you all the best and hope the tooth is just a little hiccup !! Take care . xxxxx

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