Anne’s birthday

I could not think of a better place to spend my birthday than in Montauroux, France, where we have been ‘based’ since January this year. Living here and experiencing village life again after so many years away has exceeded any expectations and was beyond my wildest dreams. We had a lovely leisurely lunch at the Brasserie Du Clos, in Montauroux, where Albert, the co-owner, has made us feel at home from our first visit.

How will I cope saying our goodbyes to our family as we head off on our RTW trip – I couldn’t say goodbye to Albert without crying!!!…

Having spent the last few hours packing and tidying, Anthony and I are about to go for our final pizza dinner in Montauroux – a perfect end to a most relaxing birthday.

Anne's birthday lunch in Montauroux, France

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3 comments on “Anne’s birthday

  1. C’est encore ton anniversaire, Anne, et suis tellement heureuse de pouvoir continuer de feter cette ‘semaine d’anniversaire’ speciale avec toi et Anthony au moment ou vous lancez votre blog : ) BON VOYAGE!

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