BMW Offroad Course Level 1

BMW Offroad Course Level 1 today. We decided that lack of off-road skills could be reduced by taking this course. We travelled to South Wales to the BMW Offroad School run by Simon Pavey and his team. I approach this with, I think, a calm attitude and was asked by someone if I was apprehensive and truthfully could reply ‘No’. Anne on the other hand admitted she was somewhat apprehensive. We chose to ride the BMW 650 singles as they were closest to our bikes. We met up with a group of 34 course mates and after meeting the team of instructors, rode the bikes to the training ground. Was funny to ride a bike with no mirrors, which we both kept looking for. On the training ground, we were split into groups and taken through the basics of slow riding. It quickly turned out that I found myself struggling, slow riding has not been my forte and now, standing on the pegs, removed my normal ‘both feet on the ground to turn’ option. Despite the helpful hints, tips and time that the instructors spent with me, I managed on a number of occasions to end up on the ground. Good thing I purchased the knee pads yesterday, should have added hip pads! While this may sound like a tale of woe, I know I learnt so much in that day that will help on the trip. I do now have more confidence than before on varied and uneven surfaces. It was interesting that when we left the training area, we sat down again while riding on the main road, which seemed strange after riding standing up during the training the first time that day.

My various falls left me the next day deciding that with only five weeks to go before our scheduled departure date for the trip, I would not undertake the second day, with the likely falls again. (Anthony could barely walk that next morning!)

Ran into someone on the course who I had not seen in 20 years. Its a small world…

– Anthony


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