Camping Equipment

A lot of reading and research was done before finally deciding on any item and purchasing it. It was times overwhelming the number of choices and opinions available. Once we had decided on a number of items, it was wonderful to discover the existence of The Adventure Bike Shop which stocked most of the items we’d decided on. Not only did they stock all those items and more, they actually have experience in long distance motorcycle riding and were able to provide advice on items we didn’t know about. We could not recommend them highly enough. They know their stuff, are very helpful and their prices are very competitive.

Anne thought she had found the perfect tent when reading about the Redverz motorcycle tent. It had everything: workshop area, covered parking area for he bikes, kitchen & dining area, 2 porches, and the height to allow you to get dressed standing up. Perfect! That was until we saw the tent all set up at the Adventure Bike Shop: it requires such an enormous footprint to put up – no discreet camping with that enormous bright orange tent! So the search continued. Balancing the ‘perfect’ tent (space, weight, venting, porches ) and price while taking into account the number of times we were expecting to camp.

While visiting a fantastic camping/outdoor store in Munich, the Globetrotter,, we found our tent: the Jack Wolfskin Yellowstone iii Vent. But the colour was rather too bright green and a little more expensive than we wanted. After researching it on the internet, Anne found it existed in a sand colour which would be perfect. But that was the old model. And while sites showed it in sand colour, only the bright green was available. Much research later, the last sand colour model was found online and purchased (after double checking that the vendor was an approved reseller and that they did have it in the required colour). We put it up in Verwood, in the house, and because we didn’t read the instructions first, took 10′ to put it up. We think it will be perfect, especially in hot conditions as it can be turned into a complete mesh tent. Can’t wait to try it out, lying in our tent and staring at the stars…

Jack Wolfskin Yellowstone iii Vent - sand colour

Jack Wolfskin Yellowstone iii Vent – sand colour

Sleeping bags
We selected the Lifeventure Downlight sleeping bags – the 900 model for Anthony and eventually, the 1200 model for Anne as the 900 was simply not warm enough for her. I am sure the 1200 will end up proving too warm in Asia but not being able to sleep when it is too cold would have been too unpleasant. Once again, the Adventure Bike Shop was very helpful and happily swapped Anne’s 900 for a 1200.

Lifeventure Down 900 sleeping bag

Lifeventure Down 900 sleeping bag

For ladies only … The Sheewee
Uncomfortable squatting, sitting on unhygienic toilets and embarrassing bare bottoms will be a thing of the past! This little device could end up being extremely useful… Anne has tested it 3 times now – the first 2 were a complete success, no leaks. However, used with a full bladder was not so successful – so more practice is needed before being used ‘on the road’.



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